Post 1039: computer issues…again!

It is tedious using a webcam to photograph kitties. That became necessary when my f drive (the one that reads SDS cards) went belly up a few days ago. I think I will take it down to the shop tomorrow to get it replaced. Shouldn’t be that difficult or take that long, though I could be wrong. Regardless, there may be another little break in my posts.

My laptop’s acting up, too. The cursor pad doesn’t work. The cursor is locked, and everything I’ve found on the problem on the Internet suggests it’s not a laptop problem but a Microsoft OS update problem. One solution offered: toss the laptop because the fixes don’t stick! The other solutions don’t unlock the blinking thing! Another problem for the IT fix-it guy.

> lick~lick~lick <

> lick~lick~lick <

Dougy takes care of personal hygiene.


34 thoughts on “Post 1039: computer issues…again!

    • I hate it, John, and the problem with the laptop cursor that’s unmovable seems to be related to Microsoft updates on its crap OS. (That’s what I found when trying to find out how to correct it.)

  1. I have no idea what you’re talking about with the computer Doug. I know next to zip about computers and so when something goes wrong, I’m ready to chuck the puter. However, seeing as we’re not wealthy folks, I take it to some computer geeks that seem to do one fantastic job.

    Now Dougy I understand but am dismayed that all cats seem to clean private areas in front of whomever is here.


    • I don’t understand them extremely well. What I do know about computers generally is because something went wrong on some part of the machine. After that, I know a little bit about that thing that went wrong.

      Yeah, they do seem to enjoy letting the world see them clean up! Of course, they both follow me into the bathroom when it’s my turn to clean up. Can’t remember the last time I didn’t have four eyes watching my every move!

      • haha…same here. It was funny when hubby retired. He wondered why I never closed the bathroom door, not that it was wide open when I was in there. He soon discovered why the door is open after Kali yelled to get into the bathroom and Shoko jumped up the door when I went in the bathroom.

        • I’m treated to little paws clawing under the door if I fail to honor cat rights! It’s cute, if a bit disconcerting! Another thing I find a bit “rude”: Dougy always comes around and sniffs my underwear. Sometimes he settles down in it, too, if I take it off and put it in the dirty clothes. I must smell good to him, in some icky way!

  2. There are few (I hesitate to say “no”) problems that can not be solved by throwing sufficient money at it. Computer problems are one of these. At some point you may need to buy new and start over.

    • The current one is the second one I’ve bought since I retired in 2009. You are right about that! Actually, it’s one of those “If you need a machoine to do a task and don’t buy it, you end up paying for it anyway” situations where you easily can spend as much as a brand new one, over time, getting it “fixed”, so it may make more sense to buy the new one earlier on in the ordeal!

    • I decided to wait a bit before going down. I had several things to take care of that were more urgent: my title and registration on the new car had my name misspelled, so I had to get those redone. I needed to visit the cemetery to verify the flowers were still OK. I thought Monday was Memorial Day (it’s next Monday) and put the live plants out a week early. I was a bit concerned the high winds yesterday dried them out or knocked the pots over, but all three looked good. They even got some rain last night!

  3. My friend says it’s Mercury retrograde, communication problems. My cell fell in the toilet. My laptop’s been hanging by a thread, I have the new one on order, but while I was running back and forth between the laptop and the landline to file a claim for the phone and get a new one sent, some unknown feline retched into the vent on the laptop and now it turns on but black screen and no login noise. I have triple backup and still deal with tech fails all the time. Deepest sympathy.

    • I remember the first glitch I encountered after I retired in 209 and how I instinctively reached for the phone to call the company IT person. Then it hit me (between the eyes!) that I was now on my own. If I wanted IT help, it was up to me to figure stuff out. It was a chilling moment of revelation. I’ve since realized there are IT people available to me, for a price!

  4. “Shouldn’t be that difficult” is an extremely infrequent phrase in the computing world. A lot of technicians over here can’t understand it. They prefer such gems as “$100 dollars for the first half hour”.

  5. So sorry to hear you’re having such frustrating problems. Hope things can get resolved soon, if not, we’ll be thinking of you & hoping for happiness & health.

  6. Computers sometimes cranky and lunatic !
    I see Dougy who cleans his nose . he has not any problem to be without computer since this is Andy ‘ s place ! 🙂
    Courage to transport this to the repair man.
    In friendship

    • I suppose I will enjoy the trip since I get to do it in my new car (The VW Golf Sportwagen S). I paid the registration and taxes this morning, and put my plates on the car shortly after. I would have taken care of it days ago, but I had to wait for some papers from the dealership I took care of changing the car on the insurance last week. Best of all: I don’t owe a single penny more on it! The car is completely paid for!

        • It is fun to drive! Of course, the main benefit is it is easy to load and unload things into the back end since the tail door opening is lower than the trunk opening was in the Chevrolet I traded in on it.

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