03Aug23: Andy’s best day!

The UPS guy delivered this box. 

It contained some things I ordered for Andy and me.

Before I had the box open, Andy was on top of it. Andy hopped in it before I even emptied it and he couldn’t even be tempted out with the fresh container of Greenies that came in the shipment!


I ordered one of these on the suggestion by Andy’s kitty friend, Louis Catorse. He kind of tolerates it, though I haven’t given it a complete try yet.

This is the work side of the brush. It’s designed to use of long-haired pets. I may have to hold Andy to use it, but a trial use went a bit better than how he responds to other brushes. There’s a dog version, too.


30 thoughts on “03Aug23: Andy’s best day!

  1. I have one of those somewhere. It works better on shorthair cats.

    PCB tolerates human detangling brushes in her long fur. For pic, search for the Crave detangling brush (though I bought generic).

  2. “Kitty in the box” is always a happy day!
    Good luck with the brush.
    I saw twin smoky Persians in a Russian film, and at first, I had a start: here are the Adorables starring in a Russian movie! But they were girl kitties called Gin and Tonic.

    • There’s a blog that I think no longer is posted that featured Valentine the smoke Persian kitty girl. The first time I came across it, I thought the same thing!

  3. That type of brush was Xenia’s favorite, she could rub up against it while I held it in place, putting her in charge of the process. It’s also not so irritating to delicate cat skin underneath the fur.

    • Andy might do that too. I always “scritch” him in the dark when he hopes on a cat tree before I can turn on the lights in the morning. Maybe I can fool him into liking it!

    • An English friend sent Andy and Dougy a box full of treats, cat things, and toys some years ago. While I tried to empty it, they got really excited about what was to become an empty box! The toy and mats, not so much, though they liked the salmon kitty treats a lot.

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