29May21: Andy’s decision…

Andy left the room for a bit. I thought he’d decided to leave the lined blocks alone.

But no! He came back to…

…exam this change in his territory.

He climbed onto the end table. Amazingly, he stepped around the blocks, not knocking them down!

Then he turned to get off the end table…chain reaction!

I can tell Andy’s not amused.

31 thoughts on “29May21: Andy’s decision…

    • I have to find a surface flat enough. The carpet in the kitchen-dining area may be workable.(Horrors! Who carpets areas where food is prepared or eaten???)

        • The tenant before me had carpet put in these two areas, and I cuss her every time I have a spill. At some point, the carpet will require a serious steam cleaning, thanks to her. A vinyl surface (like the other end of this duplex) would easily clean up with a wet paper towel.

          • I know that the original covering of vinyl is there because I saw it when a new stove was put in – the stove hadn’t been moved when the carpet was put in, a sloppy, half “a” way of doing the job! Any way, the adhesive used to tack it down would be a time-consuming (i.e. expensive!) job to do. The altrernative would be to rip out the whole mess down to the original surface (wood?) surface. Frankly, when I die or and put in a care center, that would be the time to do something about that stupid carpet.

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