17Jun21: cat grass for Andy…

Andy got a little present this morning

He sort of appreciates it…

…I think!

I hope he’s figured it out: Cat grass is cool! Cat grass is yummy!

After Andy scratches himself, I’ll pull a few blades and let Andy sample his grass.


Andy enjoyed several blades of grass once I hand fed them to him. I hope this isn’t how it goes from now on, but cats being cats, I suspect we have a new bad habit! The grass grew amazing fast. This was day five since I planted it. It was already sprouting within 24 hours of being planted!


61 thoughts on “17Jun21: cat grass for Andy…

  1. Awe!!! Thats amazing! I have a 1 year old kitten who umm…is different and loves his grass, and avocado and cherries and cabbage and melons and peaches. His favorite is romaine lol. Does he do anything similar 🤔

    • Michel, as soon as I hand fed him the wheat grass I thought, “Oh! Oh! NOW I’ll have to hand feed the little darling from now till he goes to kitty heaven!” Yes, he is very spoiled. (How are you doing, my friend? Glad to hear from you!)

    • Fresher, too! Andy is is kitty heaven getting his own plot of real wheat grass! I have enough seed and “soil” to keep him in yummy grass for a long time. He sits by it when I’m in the area and waits patiently for me to get the hint: “Give me kitty grass, please!”

    • Not to shame your cats’ human – well, maybe a little! hee! hee! – but it is mindlessly simple to grow wheat grass and Amazon and other purveyors sell the basic kits for a nominal cost. I was especially pleased with this kit because the low, shallow growing planter requires very little planting soil (which comes in a compressed disc you activate with warm water) and just enough seed to cover that disc’s worth of planting soil nicely. Though I am a pretty good gardener, I believe even a black thumb could grow this really easy to grow wheat grass. The instructions that came with the kit were explicit and anticipate the worst problem – over watering. The clear planter assures that you can see if you have over watered the grass and if it looks like the grass in my photos, you know you are a successful gardener! Your kitties will worship the ground you walk on if you do this for them. (Of course, they probably already do, based on what you post!)

  2. That is indeed fast growing grass! We tried growing grass in a plastic container during the winter. Once was enough. Tyebe drags the grass all over the house and since we have laminate floors there is nothing to stop the dragging. Tyebe manages to tip it over and then she eats it. There was a huge mess everytime she got hold of it. Now she goes without grass in the winter.


    • That’s one thing I liked about this growing kit: the acrylic planter is shallow and resists over-turning by an enthusiastic kitty! I bought it and the growing materials from Amazon, but it probably is available elsewhere. I highly recommend it for the ease of growing the wheatgrass and the smart planter. You also can tell easily if you are overwatering the wheatgrass, one of the first causes of failure for many people. I am eager to find out if I have enough light to grow it in winter. As you know, winter wheat is planted in fall and continues to grow (slowly!) throughout the cold months so it is mature and the seed can be harvested in your country and mine by early to midsummer. I take that as a good sign: surely one can grow it inside in winter, too!

    • He’s had quite a bunch of it, but not enough to even touch the total! One cat should be able to have a nice supply for some time. I have several starts of it since Andy’s always been intere3sted i8n grass.

    • Exactly! Do you grow it for your Katze? I remember you saying your cat is long-haired, too. It also has beneficial vitamins and minerals that are helpful for building immunity and a healthy kitty boy.

        • Good for you! Kessy and FunTom have a good human Mom!

          Andy and Dougy had a Birman father. I met their half sister and an auntie at the veterinarian’s one time, and it was a shock to see two short-haired cats that looked nothing like the kitty boys. Their mother was a tabby-marked Persian with reddish-brown hair, some of which I can see in Andy’s coat. Dougy showed a bit of their mother’s coloration, too, though both are basically (to my eye) black kitties.

    • Try growing it inside. This particular kit feature3s that low planter and excellent results, as you can see. Even if you have kitties that rip the stuff out and scatter it everywhere, the low planter results in a tangle of roots, within days, that help anchor the wheatgrass in the planter. I try not to promote commercial products (I never get compensated! LOL!) but this one is the best I’ve tried and used over the many years.

    • Grow some inside on a window sill. (There is the risk a kitty will knock it off… give some thought to where plants and cats both get what they want!)

      • Oh Believe Me, my girls get what they want!..most of the time. They get Catnip, periodically but, I am not going to grow it.
        Susy would Want the plant, dirt, pot all over the floor.
        Don’t let her Calico Cuteness deceive you.

        • LOL! I had good luck growing it in a window by the kitchen sink, thanks to too many things obstructing kitty curiosity, mainly water.

    • No, it actually is wheat grass, which the newly sprouted leaves of the common wheat plant. The seed is GMO and not treated with any chemicals and can be used by cats (or humans) as a dietary supplement for many vitamins and minerals. It helps with digestion, bloating (kitty gas is nasty if small volume!) and upset stomach. Andy likes it a lot!

    • He’s had three groomers over the years, and after his first session, his first groomer suggested this style instead of a lion cut. I’ve stuck with it since because it is a cute cut for pug-faced Persians. More to the point, it doesn’t involve the pom-pom tail. Andy is very, very, very sensitive about anything done to his tail, and it is his best feature!

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