26Jul21: a bit of this and that…

My old 69th Signal Company (Photo) pal, Dan, “messaged” this photo to me a few days ago. That’s Dan on the far left and me on the far right. Half a century after the fact, the setting seems familiar yet not familiar. It’s probably on the sound stage where we still and motion picture photographers spent our time when not on assignments.

Andy love, love, loves it when I put a straw inside a magazine. He tries to take it out, play activity that seriously amuses my kitty boy! Cheap fun. He’ll play longer with a straw than just about anything.

20 thoughts on “26Jul21: a bit of this and that…

  1. what a great memorable photograph… you understand how fastly passed the years… Thank you Lovely Team, love, nia

  2. I agree, old photos are both familiar and unfamiliar. They are sort of like time travel.

    I wonder if straws are like mouse tails to kitties? Andy looks very sweet there! 🙂

    • I have tons of them on slides, some printed, that I should look through.

      I was pleased with the Andy photo! He’s having a good time.

    • I have actual printed photos and slides up to the digital age. While digital photos are handier for storage and editing, printed photos have their charms, too.

  3. we love old pictures…and you are right, some things are so close as if they happened yesterday and some things are strnge that we have to ponder if they are real or just in our imagination? seems that magazine is at the last straw somehow LOL

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