09Jan22: what’s it?

Andy and I were watching this early 1930’s movie when this guy brought out this banjo-sounding “thing” and plucked away while he sang a song. I thought I’d seen everything. Nope! What is it?

Too much mystery! I gave Andy a head rub instead of puzzling further over this mystery instrument.

I found this after a “google”, and it isn’t identified by much more than “lyre-banjo”. I don’t see the point of it since there doesn’t seem to be a function for the lyre part of it.

25 thoughts on “09Jan22: what’s it?

    • Apparently it is nothing more than a fancy banjo. As I remember the scene in the movie, it sounded like a banjo. That just adds to the mystery: What purpose (other than decorative?) does the lyre appendages serve?

  1. My son plays oboe, which I can only listen to when Chilly Coon Kitty isn’t in the room. He attacks the speakers. My son plays excellently, there’s just something about the oboe my coon cat doesn’t like.

  2. Andy, please tell your human that you would like to come to my site for a bit (to ride a horse-drawn carriage in the fog and then under the sun). Yes, don’t hesit to ask ! 🙂 .
    Signed: Michel

      • I once dreamed about a 16 string violin-like instrument. It had 2 tiers of strings and a intricately carved sound hole. Years later I mentioned that dream to someone, and was told there was one. It has an unusual name which I have forgotten. Your instrument in question may be someone’s special creation.

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