35 thoughts on “10Jan22: Andy spoils another movie…

    • After I posted these photos here, I noticed that Andy’s expressions show he followed the action and his expressions are similar to the guy on the left. LOL!

        • Of movies where Power was a bad guy, “Witness for the Prosecution” was beyond all measures the best – Charles Laughton, Elsa Manchester (she stole every scene she was in!), and Marlene Dietrich played the major roles. Marlene Dietrich always comes across as too big for the roles, but I think this was her best movie, where she acted rather than existed because of her iconic presence. Her Cockney impersonation is brilliant and a – oops ! It has to be seen to believe.

          • Yes, she is really good in it, and I hope you do see the film as a fan. She was born in one of my favorite cities, Berlin. (Not that that has anything to do with anything…!)

          • I have never been to Berlin, but thanks to my great-grandmother, I can differentiate between Hoch Deutsch and her Viennese dialect. Of course, Bavarian stands out, as I have discovered in Munich. I had known she was born in Berlin when films started appearing in Russia, regardless of that fact. They saved face by presenting her as anti-fascist.

          • Yes, she went on United Service Organizations during WWII to entertain (greatly!) the Allied troops, making her, for WWII purposes (a good German).

            Both Viennese and Berliner Deutsch are hard for me to follow. I’ve not been exposed to enough of the latter to determine what’s so hard for me about it (I was OK in Salzburg… Saw the Mozarteum but the person I was with didn’t want to go in – now, I’d desert that person and do it anyway!) Berliner Deutsch is hard because they seem to drop endings a lot. I need all the clues possible to follow German!

  1. He’s not spoiling it! He makes a live cameo appearance! Movie improved. Merlin loves to rest on my upper, well padded chest. Hard to watch anything with him there. “His Holyness” as I jokingly call him (his breed is Sacred Birman) is not made out of glass.

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