13Feb22: Dougy from seven years back…

The kitty boys would have been three going on four years ago when this photo of Dougy on a cardboard disc was taken.

Wow! Seven years ago, Dougy hadn’t started destroying his ottoman yet.

Here’s Andy on the ottoman now. Dougy ruined the cover scratching on all corners to let Andy know it was Dougy Territory. It “says” Dougy so much that Andy won’t get on it unless the lapboard covers the surface. (Dougy would beat up his brother for trying to get on it!)


16 thoughts on “13Feb22: Dougy from seven years back…

    • The kitty brothers played well together, and the header to my blog shows a screen print from a video where Andy (hiding behind the grass) stalks his brother to play attack him. They both were cute! Andy, of course, still is. We miss his late brother, Dougy.

    • Unfortunately, some of the sweetest kitties need to mark their territories this way, and the result is a destroyed ottoman or whatever! Dougy was a master of this, and started as a kitten, a really small kitten! I have a video of this.

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