Blynken of Salmon Brook Farms…

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod, of Salmon Brook Farms. 

Our friend Lavinia Ross of Salmon Brook Farms notified me today that Blynken was unable to survive medical issues and had to be euthanized to end her pain. She would have been nine years old this year in August.

Lavinia wrote earlier, “Blynken was diagnosed with left side heart failure, and has had a body x-ray, cardiac ultrasound and EKG. Her lungs were filled with fluid, making breathing difficult, and she has been stabilized with Lasix, a diuretic and is in an Oxygen cage. Much of the fluid has drained away from her lungs now, and she will be kept overnight.”

Sadly, Blynken’s condition deteriorated. Lavinia wrote, “The vet called this morning and told me to come right away.  She was not able to live outside the oxygen cage, in spite of medication.  The clot moved this morning, and lodged in her front leg, and she was screaming in pain.  They sedated her and kept her on life support until I got there, and was able to see her off.  She was peacefully put to sleep.”

Hugs and condolences to the Ross family on Blynken’s passing.

Blynken, on the left, and Nod

Lavinia shared other photos of Blynken and her siblings:

Lavinia wrote, “Here is another one of her as a kitten pushing her brother’s head down so she can be in the picture.  And here is a photo of her and her siblings as tiny kittens.  Blynken is on the left.  The Three Sisters all had grey stripes on their heads, which turned white with time.”

RIP Blynken


27 thoughts on “Blynken of Salmon Brook Farms…

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  2. We are so sorry to read this. Another cat site we frequent has had several young-ish cats die of heart conditions in the last weeks. No matter how long we have with them it never seems to be enough.

    • These heart conditions can be “silent” and suddenly take lives. Blynken had blood work in December along with a rabies shot and exam from one vet, and a second exam and a dentistry from another vet in January. Nothing gave any indication of a problem.

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