Post 1101: updates…

My kitties were fascinated by Taco, yet afraid at the same time. Taco was a tough little cat!

My kitties were fascinated by Taco, yet afraid at the same time. Taco was a tough little cat!

 I haven’t seen Taco the tuxedo cat for some time now. I have to think he’s gone to kitty heaven. He was an outside cat, the star of my video, “The visitor”, that I include here again: 

All kitty people enjoy seeing what’s available to let us include our cats in our daily lives. Transporting cats in the traditional carrier is ok, but here’s one my friend Deborah has for her cats:

Carrier or, put on its side, a cat bed!

Wheeled carrier or, put on its side, a cat bed!


34 thoughts on “Post 1101: updates…

    • The lady on my lane who took care of him (food and shelter on her deck; took him to veterinarian when he was very sick) tried to get him to be a house cat. He’d come inside for food, but didn’t want to stay in.


      • Do you think both of your boys would fit in one or do you normally transport them separately? It’s difficult to determine size in photos, but each of them looks rather large.


      • I take them in a carrier designed for small dogs up to 24 pounds, which is somewhat more than the combined weight of the two. When I take just one somewhere, I still use the big carrier because it has wheels and a pull handle. It’s easier for me than taking one cat in a smaller carrier since I use a cane. It’s awkward and destabilizing for me to carry an awkward weight in one hand and to walk with a cane in the other.

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      • Wow, they are smaller than I thought! My dear Rom weighed over 16#… Mr. M is much smaller, but I assume that, as a feral, he didn’t eat very well during his growing years.


      • Andy’s a bit smaller than19 pounds, and Dougy is a bit less than 10.5 pounds. Most of what appears to be “size” or “weight” in photos, of course, if Persian hair!


  1. My Dolly and Milk were feral but I got them in with their kittens. I think the males are more standoffish. Poor Taco, he was beautiful and not as lucky as Andy and Dougy.


    • Yes, he was feral, but a person down the lane set up a warm place for him to sleep in winter, fed him, and took him for medical care when he needed it. I haven’;t seen her for a time, but she probably can verify my suspicions about poor Taco.


    • Yes, Taco was an unfortunate cat, though he was cared for. (See the comment and reply for pilch92)

      I haven’t had time to really look into the carrier. I did pull up the “Roulette pour chat” page my friend Deborah mentioned. It is reasonably priced (about 46 euros/ roughly US$50), but i didn’t get into the description much. After I get back from my volunteering “job” this afternoon, maybe I’ll be able to find it on the website, too.

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    • He was hunting birds under the fir tree my kitty boys love to watch – for birds, of course! – the first time I saw him, which was in 2004. The math suggests he was at least a year old at the time or 13 now. Since I don’t know anything other than he was an adult the first time I saw him, he could be even older. That would be an impossibly old age for a feral cat.

      Yes, I like the concept and look of that carrier, too!.

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    • Unfortunately, no one claimed him. There is a lady on Lane 2, where I live, who tried to tame him. She put food and water out on her porch for him, and made him a secure and warm place for him to shelter when he wasn’t roaming the neighborhood. She said he would come into her apartment with a little encouragement, but never did tame down enough to be an inside car. The lady on Lane 2 probably is the main reason he was around as long as he was.

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    • Yes, I think so, too. It’s unfortunate that the people who supposedly had him denied it and left him to his wits and the kindness of others. See my other comments above this (or below this…however they appear!).


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