25Feb22: if he can’t have peace and quiet, he’ll stare at me….

Poor kitty! I keep bugging Andy by talking to him and taking his photo.

My little darling just got too pooped to pop. Sleep finally!


Ukraine deserves better than a Soviet-style invasion. I hope the world can end this soon.

I grew up with the threat of the USSR dropping nuclear bombs on my country, then survived the Cuban missile crisis where those nuclear-tipped missiles were 90 miles offshore. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, I sighed in relief. Gorbachev seemed a nice fellow. Yeltsin was a lovable buffoon. Then this former KGB fellow came along, little by little consolidating his power, tossing those who disagreed with him in prisons, poisoning them, or arranging “suicides”, closing down media that didn’t toe his line.

He’s a short fellow with megalomaniacal plans to restore Russia to some shadow of the USSR, which he longs for. Democracy is just too tough, especially when one expectation is leaders are accountable for their actions. Never mind the former “republics” have had a taste of independence and don’t care to return to 1991, let alone Putin’s 1975, when he had a full head of hair and a safe position in the USSR spy works. 

Now, he’s sent his troops into Ukraine. I’m waiting (as I type) for the news of the sanctions the world has worked up. whatever it turns out to be, let it relieve Ukraine of this thug’s invasion.


The armchair generals are out in force. Yes, they know better than the leaders what should be done, though they don’t have access to the intelligence sources the leaders have. Many achieved the rank in the military, at least, of E-4 (corporal; SPEC4) so, of course, they know better what has to be done, should be done.

31 thoughts on “25Feb22: if he can’t have peace and quiet, he’ll stare at me….

  1. Lovely pictures of Andy, Doug. I felt moved by the anti-war demonstrations of the Russian people, but don’t know if that will make a difference. . . I wish it was enough to stop these horrors . . .

    • I hope the demonstrations do indicate a movement to replace Putin, but I’m sure I’m just hoping against hope.

      Thanks! Andy is a fun kitty boy to take photos of!

  2. That stare is pretty funny. I agree about Gorbachev and Yeltsin. They seemed like likable guys. I remember an attemted coup where Gorbachev was taken captive and Yeltsin essetually rescued him. I have also drawn parallels between Putin and Hitler. Each took over territories of its neighbors while the world stood by and did nothing.

  3. Oh dear Doug, they are so lovely moments/photographs… Blessing and Happiness to you both. Russian soldiers are in Kiev right now… really Putin invades the country. What will be? World just watching… God be with them all Ukraine people… Thank you, Love, nia

    • Yes, these are treacherous times. I feel bad for the Ukrainians. I was encouraged, at least, that dozens of Russian cities (64?) had major demonstrations by citizens who were against the war. One has to feel the ordinary Russian is a good person, even if they had a madman ruling the country.

      • Putin maybe invades Ukraine but he is losing his people, never been selected again… I think. So sad for Ukraine, they live a tragic days, and still no one makes anything, I read and hear, just they talk… 1200 soldiers, 1400 soldiers,,, where are they? Into the words. God be with them.

        • The US troops are going to be used for refugee help as I understand it. As for troops from other NATO countries, I presume they will serve a similar purpose as well as all of them being near the Ukraine border where they will serve as a reminder to Putin that NATO is there. I guess…

          • Russia launches intercontinental ballistic missiles from Moscow…US offers to evacuate Ukrainian leader: Zelensky made his decision, he stays in Kiev with his family and he knows he is the target of Putin! Putin is a mad man… I can’t believe, do the nostradamous prophecies come true…

  4. Pete Souza, President Obama’s official White House photographer, had a great shot of the 6’2″ Obama standing toe to toe with Putin, who’s 5’7″ and tries to hide it from the press. I wonder if Putin was stung by his obvious shortcomings and has tried, as petty people often do, to make up for them by bullying others, especially those least able to fight back. In regards to Russian history, I remember at the time of the Cuban missile crisis my school passing out pamphlets instructing us on how to stay safe during a nuclear attack. It seems pathetic now–we lived in California, where most houses don’t have basements, let alone a bomb shelter in the backyard. But I had hoped those days were over. Now we have an authoritarian megalomaniac in charge of a vast nuclear weapons system, and he enjoys saying he isn’t afraid to use it. I hope international sanctions will work as well, but I’m not optimistic.

    • I feel much of the same stress and anxiety about the nuclear option he claims he hasn’t set aside. I take some hope in the demonstrations in the Russian cities. Putin, hiding in the Kremlin is safe, but the ordinary Russian may have family in Ukraine or have lost family in Afghanistan. I doubt there is one Russian who didn’t lose family in WWII. I just can’t believe there is strong support for war there.

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