Post 786: Have you hugged your kitty today?

My sister reminded me today, June 4th, is Hug Your Cat Day. I know she hugged her two, especially Sox, who just recently showed up in a shelter after being missing for 10 months! 

As for me, if Andy and Dougy get up from their naps any time before 12 tonight, I will give them their HYC Day hugs! 🙂

Dougy mugging for the camera.

Dougy mugging for the camera.

I guess I could makes sounds like a box opening. That’d bring the boys at a trot!

Andy can mug, too!

Andy can mug, too!

But, more likely, nothing would bring them faster than to open a can of tuna. Actually, just operating a can opener brings them from the farthest corners of the apartment.  Dougy just came over at the mention of opening a can. 🙂 Such is the power of that magical tool.

Some people go father than hugs for their cats:

I massage the boys, only with my hands. Happy paws! Purr~purr~purr!

A final Hug Your Cat video:

42 thoughts on “Post 786: Have you hugged your kitty today?

    • I’m not sure how my cats would react to that. They tolerate noise reasonably well, including all but the loudest thunder, but there are some things that don’;t make particularly loud noise that sets them running — the sound my camera makes when I turn it on, for example!

  1. That is a cute little video, Doug! Our cats like hugs, and will hug back. Little Nod even jumps on my shoulders from behind and covers my eyes with her paws.

    Have often thought about writing an instrumental piece and calling it “Little Round Can”, although I bet someone has done it already!

    • Cute! When mine climb on the back of my computer chair or when I’m in the recliner (“the cats’ chair”), they will play with my hair, pattycake my head, but that is more curiosity than love patting, I think!

  2. Yes I did hug Ali and as long as I do not remind her she has a vet appt. in the morning, and do not sat the name Sonya, which is the vets name, she is huggable.
    She growls when she heard Sonyas name.
    Poor Sonya loves Ali and has saved her life, but all Ali knows is the poking and prodding, so we spell Sonyas name so Ali doesn”t know what we are talking about. geez

    • Poor Ali! I hope Sonya finds Ali’s still doing well on the new medicine! After all that poor kitty went through in the past year, though, I guess I can understand her lack of appreciation for the person who saved her life with heroic efforts. Andy is a bit growly when we go to the veterinarian’s, too, since he’s the one that gets a patch of fur shaved each time they need to check his blood pressure. The last time, it was on his tail. I think Andy’s tail is his best feature, and I can tell he is proud of it, too! “Don’t mess with me tail!”

    • I don’t know whop comes up with this stuff, but I have no problem doing it! Of course, as with hugging humans, just because you feel like giving them higs doesn;t mean they enjoy getting them. My cats aren’t really happy being held for any length of time, and hugging probably seems a bit threatening to them if done too long.

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