16Apr22: In remembrance of Dougy?

Sometimes, Andy gets still and…

…he sniffs the corner of the ottoman where Dougy scratched.

I wonder if he still can smell his late brother there.

33 thoughts on “16Apr22: In remembrance of Dougy?

  1. I am not sure how long cat scent may last, but I suspect it can go on a good long while depending on the material. Those found patches of scent left behind can trigger all kinds of memories and emotions, and I am sure Andy is no different. Bless the wee little fellow and his departed brother, and you too, Doug.

  2. I’m sure that is what is going on. After I rearranged some furniture, my Calico Phoebe zeroed in on a spot behind a couch where her dearly departed Russian Blue used to sleep. Phoebe sniffed and sniffed, then turned towards me and called and meowed as though to tell me she smelled her old friend there. Lovely post today!

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