27Apr22: Saki’s new scratching post…

Saki, my sister’s kitty, got a new scratching post, just like the one Andy has.

She doesn’t know what to think of it.

My sister writes: “Saki’s cactus scratching post came Saturday.  If I ever have to put it together again, I won’t follow the directions.  I will put the large post on before the two smaller ones.  I had a heck of a time putting that one on because it was heavy for me.  Saki was afraid of it and wouldn’t go near it!  I finally put treats on the base and she ate them, but I don’t think she has scratched it yet!  That’s my strange kitty girl!  I think she will eventually realize it won’t attack her and will use it.  In the meantime, it’s a nice decoration for my minimalist living room!”
I know how that goes. I get Andy a really nice cat tree for his birthday, and this still is his favorite place to sleep!

16 thoughts on “27Apr22: Saki’s new scratching post…

    • That probably would help. Andy has the exact same one, and he uses it all the time. It seems to be his way of sharpening his claws, of course, and tell me it’s time for kitty food!

    • This particular scratching post is heavy duty and well-used by Andy. I guess he “mrows” it is a good value if the kitty uses it!

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