10Sep22: ruffs…

Dramatic and…

…a characteristic of long-haired kitties, their ruffs! Unlike lion manes, kitty ruffs only frame the face from ear-to-ear.


To my friends whose Queen died on the 8th, know she belonged to the world in many ways. Please accept my condolences.

I barely remember a time she wasn’t Queen, and my earliest memory of her predates my ability to read. She was this magical person riding in a golden coach, pulled by matched white horses! It was coronation photos in magazines and newspapers my parents subscribed to and I would have been just about five-years-old.

Now, I am 74 and her passing reminds me she wasn’t immortal after all. I guess I thought she’d live to be at least as old as her mother – 101 – was when she died or live so long I’d never know a day when she wasn’t Queen.

20 thoughts on “10Sep22: ruffs…

    • It’s 100% Scottish on my mother’s side and the big mix is on my father’s. I always thought it would be fun to learn if I have any connection with Dylan Thomas. Probably not. Thomas is a fairly common surname.

  1. I love Andy’s handsome ruff! The only kitty left here with a ruff is Wynken. The late Lucio had a very handsome ruff that framed his face well.

    You wrote a beautiful tribute to Queen Elizabeth, Doug. My heritage is mainly from the British Isles, and I do feel a strong connection to them.

  2. Andy has such a sweet face! I like your tribute to the Queen, Doug. I am 61, she has always been in my life too in some way. I have always felt some kind of connection the United Kingdom, I suppose this is because so many of us here carry genes from the British people. I admit to crying!

    • Even though she was 96, she’s been part of the scene most off my life. One gets to the point of thinking she would’ve been around forever, I guess, though intellectually one realizes it can’t be.

  3. Andy has an impressive ruff! Our two random bred long furred cats have some extra length around their lower faces, but not as much as Andy. His fur is longer. I was sad about the loss of Queen Elizabeth. I too just thought she’d always be there. I admired her service as an army mechanic in WW2.

    • She was an amazing person.

      Andy’s would be “floofier” but it’s one of the things that gets trimmed when he’s groomed. He had to miss his last grooming because his groomer’s mobile van’s generator failed, and all appointments were cancelled. It looks like Andy’s next appointment in November is when he’ll be groomed again. He’ll be pretty much full Persian length hair by then. Should be interesting!

    • Odd, isn’t it? I felt the same way. Getting used to the idea of a King Charles is odd, too. He’s eight months younger than me, which means he should be retired himself by now, and a King William should be taking over. He’s something like 40 himself, if I’m not wrong. At any rate, Elizabeth II’s a rare bird for reigning 70+ years and neither of us will see another monarch top her record.

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