10Sep22: ruffs…

Dramatic and…

…a characteristic of long-haired kitties, their ruffs! Unlike lion manes, kitty ruffs only frame the face from ear-to-ear.


To my friends whose Queen died on the 8th, know she belonged to the world in many ways. Please accept my condolences.

I barely remember a time she wasn’t Queen, and my earliest memory of her predates my ability to read. She was this magical person riding in a golden coach, pulled by matched white horses! It was coronation photos in magazines and newspapers my parents subscribed to and I would have been just about five-years-old.

Now, I am 74 and her passing reminds me she wasn’t immortal after all. I guess I thought she’d live to be at least as old as her mother – 101 – was when she died or live so long I’d never know a day when she wasn’t Queen.