31Oct22: …a surprise for Andy!

Andy doesn’t know it yet, but he goes to the v-e-t-e-r-i-n-a-r-i-a-n this morning! It’s just a check up on how the medication’s helping.

30Oct22: Yeah, Andy’s ready for supper!

Not too appetizing, I guess, but Andy got pretty excited when I said “kitty food”.

Afterwards, Andy came back into the front room.

It was tasty and Andy licked his face to get the last of his supper.


Some friends worry I spend all my time at home with my cat. Yes, that’s largely true, yet I do get together with a regular group of old friends for lunch and talk. We talk about our cats, among other things. LOL! I had a nice meal with a tall red beer yesterday.

Red beer, which is nothing more than tomato juice and beer mixed. 

Yesterday, it was a variation I’d never seen before, red beer with the addition of three olives. I skipped the olives and had mine straight. Of course, adding salt and or pepper are other variations. I’ve made it with V-8, a tomato + celery, beets, watercress, spinach, sweet potatoes, purple carrots and many more unique vegetables are blended in this product.

All told, tomato juice by itself and beer by itself still are best, but red beer is one of those things I feel like when I want to cut down on the amount of alcohol I’m having with lunch and because the predominant taste is the juice, not the beer. 

29Oct22: Andy stopped by….

Andy stopped by.

I thought he might want to play.

Nope! Though he followed it a bit with his eyes.


Andy spent a few minutes on the end table, letting me “skritch” him on his face and back, then he went into the guest bedroom to take a snooze. 


28Oct22: …what’s up?

Andy stopped by after I medicated him.

He just looked at me, mostly. (“What’s with this cat,” I asked myself.)

Play time?


Andy gave off weird clues, ones that proved not to be what I interpreted them as. Eventually, he reached over and patted my arm. He licked his mouth and sat back down on the end table. “Why didn’t you just tell me, Andy?” He wanted his kitty food. It was time!



27Oct22: Good kitty!

This is Andy, on his back in my arm, waiting for his eye drops and the ear smear of hyperthyroid medicine. He doesn’t struggle, to my amazement, and that means I haven’t had to wrap him in a towel to medicate him.

This Andy as soon as he sees the drops coming to his eyes. Head flung back. I just put a hand behind his head and gently position it for the medicine. After I medicate him, I tell him, in a calm voice, over and over, what a good kitty boy he is. And he is a good kitty boy.

26Oct22: “What the…?”

Andy’s incredulous. Doug just doesn’t seem to get it that when he sits here the expectation is he, Andy the resident kitty, expects to get a fresh ‘nip leaf! Hand it over! Now!


Andy doesn’t realize his “nip plant is still growing. If I give him ‘nip every day and every time he wants it, the plant won’t last two weeks!

25Oct22: Andy helps himself…

Andy knows this Ziploc bag has some of his favorite things.

He searched outside and inside the bag for something to play with.

This broken off piece of peacock feather was his delight today! (Cats! Go figure!)

He played a bit with the peacock feather “thing”, then I put it back in the Ziploc bag.

Being a cat, he decided he really wasn’t through biting and batting the peacock feather remnant.


24Oct22: “Guess what time it is, Andy!”

Yes, it’s eye drop time for Andy.

I have to use this walking stick, which is roughly five feet / 1,5 meters long to “encourage” Andy to co-operate. (No, not to beat him. Never!)

You see, Andy runs under the guest bed. He thinks he’s hiding in the photo above. LOL!

I sweep under the bed to get Andy to re-enter into the open. Typically, he “hides” under this exercise machine. I place the walking stick on him and am able to capture the little darling. I just press lightly. It does the trick and he doesn’t try to get away. I note that the bedroom door is closed to prevent further escapes and he knows it.

You try to photograph a kitty boy while holding him to put eyedrops in his eyes!

23Oct22: up and over…


…and over!

Andy’s a little sweetie, but yesterday he was a pill. When it came time for his medication, he hid in the one spot in the apartment that he has the best chance of avoiding me. New policy: Close my bedroom door after I get up from bed! 

 Andy got me up at 10:30 pm before this, so it was a long day. After dialysis, I fixed us both lunch, sat down to watch a little television. I fell asleep, bone tired from the early wake-up call and dialysis, so when I woke up at 4:30, I realized I’d slept through the second time – 3:00 pm – I give Andy his second dose of medications.

Andy! Andy! Andy! 

Andy is a smart little guy, and medicating him can prove a challenge.

22Oct22: …waiting for a good “skritch”, then…

Andy let me know he wants me to follow him to the kitchen. First, he scratches the cactus scratching post. Then he hops on the red walker in the foreground. A short ride to the computer chair, then he hops on the computer chair back to wait.

Yes, I have to “scritch” him and tell him what a wonderful kitty boy he is.

I know the routine: go into the kitchen and prepare kitty food. Then I put it down in a spot to the left of the secrétaire you see in the upper lefthand of the photo.

I tell Andy, “Here’s the kitty food and you are the only kitty here!” I head back to the front room, stopping to “scritch” Andy again and bump heads with him. “Purr! Purr! Purr!” says Andy.

When he’s ready, he heads over to eat the kitty food. You know kitties: routine is important!


For the record, Andy looks ruffled because I took the photo after I “scritched” him up and down his back.