01Mar23: cleaning up for Nebraska Day…

Andy knows today is special!

“It’s Nebraska Day! One hundred fifty-six years old today, if I did the math correctly! Time to clean up.”

Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!

All cleaned up and ready to party!

Happy Birthday, Nebraska!

17 thoughts on “01Mar23: cleaning up for Nebraska Day…

  1. Someone likes watching “Squidbillies!” (Not throwing stones: I watch a lot of Adult Swim cartoons too, though my favorite was “Metalocalypse.”) Happy Nebraska Day to Andy and his dad! I wish it was a little warmer for the celebration but spring will come soon. Hopefully!

    • I like “Rick and Morty”, too. The weather for the first week of March is warmer temperatures, with some chance of snow.

      • “Rick and Morty” is great but one of the co-creators got in trouble at the studio, so I’m wondering how they’re going to handle the change in characters. March is supposed to be true spring on the West Coast but it looks like it’s going to come in like a lion and stay that way for the rest of the week. We didn’t get snow in my area but I have friends who are trapped in their cabin in the hills! Fingers crossed the snowplows make it to their place.

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