27Feb23: the stalker…

My breakfast attracted attention.

I knew it was going to be a battle…

…when Andy stepped over onto the lap board on my lap!

After three tries to help himself to my toast, Andy finally gave up and took a nap. Whew! That was the first time ever he stepped off the end table and onto the lap board while I had breakfast on it. Is this the new “thing”?

26Feb23: Andy and Doug have moment…and here are a few more photos of the Class of 1966 luncheon…

No, Andrew! 

Ew! I’m not finishing that cup of joe! Dang it, Andy! You know you don’t like coffee!

Here! This is for kitties.


Andy takes another shot.

Well, that wasn’t much play today!


A few more photos from the AHS class of 1966 monthly luncheon… a social event, where we catch up on what’s going on in our lives and try to remember the names of people we went to school with. LOL!

I thought Suzie’s shirt was cool… 

Then I noticed her earrings matched! Way cool!

Suzie makes a great margarita!


25Feb23: “Where were you, Doug?”

Well, you asked, Andy. It was a monthly AHS Class of 1966 luncheon. Lots of food and talk and fun!

I smelled doggy on you and you were late for kitty food time…

24Feb23: Andy wants some loving…

Andy stopped by.

I could tell he wanted some loving!

That’s easy to do. I rubbed his face, head, ears, and chin, all of his favorite things!


What a day yesterday! At the corner of Burham Drive and Box Butte, about two blocks from the hospital, I drove over the hump of snow blocking the intersection after Box Butte was graded.

I misjudged how much of an obstacle it was and got good and stuck.

After failing to get free of the snow, I realized I had to get to the hospital for dialysis, on foot. I guarantee a walker in snow is not a happy thing, especially in subzero weather. I kicked on the hospital door, trying to get someone’s attention – the door is locked until five o’clock, and I got there before that time. No one heard the commotion!

Anyway, at five, the door opened, I got in, cold as heck, pissed and frustrated.

The nurses fixed me up with extra blankets to warm me up and Tanya told me she’d call Greg, her husband to see if he could get my car unstuck. Within a couple hours, she brought my keys back to me. Greg had managed to get my car unstuck and had parked it in the hospital parking lot in one of the dialysis patient parking spots. Whew!

The outcome, since this is a complication for anyone, but more so for someone with a disability, I will have to overcome my resistance to carrying my smartphone in future if there is some possibility of this sort of complication happening so I can alert them at the hospital. 

I offered to buy Greg and Tanya lunch, but Tanya told me that was unnecessary. I am grateful, regardless, that they came to my rescue.


I’m still sorting through the unwanted changes in settings on my laptop that came about from the lethal Microsoft Edge two-and-a-half-plus hour update on Wednesday. I’m having a wonderful time trying to access my bank account information online since the update wiped out my access code. I keep screwing up trying to reset it. Each time I try, I manage to have problems, then the damn account gets blocked for security reasons! I guess I should take heart. If I can’t access my own account, then neither can anyone else!

23Feb23: up and over…

Andy’s ready to get ready …

…to get set…

…and to go!

After a few minor adjustments…

…Andy’s ready to have a kitty bath and to take care of other important kitty business!


The predicted snow hasn’t been that brutal where I live, but roads are closed or iced throughout the region north and south of me.

The frog across the lane wasn’t buried as of mid-day Wednesday.

It didn’t look like the drift on the south side of my car would be much to deal with if the snow continued to fall in this low level.

21Feb23: Andy makes a statement…

Andy seems restless today.

Don’t do it, kitty!

Channeling the late Dougy, Andy scratched the ottoman!

Feel better now, Andrew? Bad kitty!


Here’s what my week looks like:

Winter Storm Warning issued February 20 at 3:​59​AM CST until February 23 at 6:​00​AM CST by NWS Cheyenne

* WHAT…Heavy snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 5 to 10 inches. Localized areas could see up to 12 inches. Winds gusting as high as 50 mph.
* WHERE…Portions of the Nebraska Panhandle, and east central and southeast Wyoming.
* WHEN…From 2 PM Tuesday to 5 AM MST Thursday.
* IMPACTS…Travel could be very difficult. Areas of blowing snow could significantly reduce visibility. The cold wind chills as low as 35 below zero could cause frostbite on exposed skin in as little as 30 minutes.

That’s 12.7- 25cm of snow, with winds up to 80.5 kph! And wind chills down to -37 degrees C!

19Feb23: paper [kitty] boy…

One thing about it…

Andy love, love, loves the newspaper!


Another month rushing to an end! I can’t believe where the days have gone in February.

One thing I got taken care of is renewal of my driving license. Since my coming birthday will be my 75th, the state has the option of requiring additional testing of everything from mental state to eyes to ability to careen down the road in a hunk of metal.

Once you pass the various evaluations, you may be required to take a driving test or the written test. A lot of these are left to the judgement of the examiners. I must be a charming son of a gun because I didn’t have to do any extras other than filling out a form giving my name, address, and a few other minor details, then a simple vision test. 

The renewed license is good for five years, a duration that seems a bit excessive to me, but, what the heck, I’ll take it! I hope, however, I have the good sense to stop driving if my ability to drive a car safely diminishes in that period.