16Mar23: “Define ‘toy’.”

Andy is minding his own business when…

…Doug tosses an odd object tied to ribbon onto the lapboard.

Andy examines it, closely. And sniffs it, too.

Perplexed, unsure what it is or what to do with it…

…Andy makes his decision.

Boop! It’s a “toy”!

Or is it?


What you don’t see above is the ribbon end fluttering in the fan-generated breeze. Once Andy responded to the “action”, the strange object became a toy. The object? The ribbon by itself wasn’t heavy enough to get the end over to where Andy was so I tied this thing – a Coban wrap ring – onto the end to add a light weight to help out.

(The Coban is wrapped around the bandages put on my dialysis access wounds to add compression that helps with post dialysis bleeding when the needles are removed. Sometimes, the wrap rolls down on the arm, necessitating rolling it off my arm instead of unwrapping it. The result: the Coban wrap ring! Is it a toy? Anything can be a toy to a cat. It’s all in how it’s presented.)