07Mar23: kitty toys…

My sister’s kitty girl Saki love, love, loves her new toys but…

…she especially likes this one. My sister notes, “She’s giving me the ‘this is MINE’ look in the 2nd picture.”

Andy, on the other hand, has become very interested in an old toy tied to a ribbon.


Amazingly, he even neglects his “precious” to attack the “whatchamacallit”!


I’m still in shock about the death of Michel Fauquet, Amiens, Normandy blogger and blogger friend. His health declined in recent times. He, too, was on dialysis, though his other health issues were more difficult than mine. He still made occasional posts in latter months, was looking forward to family visits and the coming gardening season. My wish for Michel’s wife Janine is the love of their family, a garden Michel would have been proud of, and the comfort of all the prayers and messages from Michel’s blogger family. He was a good and decent man.


19 thoughts on “07Mar23: kitty toys…

  1. Saki is beautiful cat, Doug!

    Yes, Michel’s passing leaves a real vacuum in our blogging community. He was indeed a good and decent man, and he will be missed. My heart goes out to Janine and the family. That was a lovely tribute you wrote.

    • Yes, Saki is a really pretty girl!

      Michel opened up an unknown and interesting world for me. I often wondered what it was like for a child to levee in occupied Europe, not those in camps, but those living “normal” lives, and Michel wrote about that.

      Thank you for your comment on my tribute. He was a special WP blogger and human being.

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