Sad news about Michel Fauquet….

Janine Fauquet sent this message to blogger friends of her husband Michel:

J’ai l’immense tristesse de vous annoncer le décès de Michel.

Je vous remercie de l’intérêt et de l’affection que vous lui avez porté avec vos messages et commentaires au long de ces dernières années…

Vous étiez importants pour lui.

I understand enough French to have read this message and to have learned that this friend just died. He was a Christian, a family man, an educator, a gardener, a writer of a charming blog about his life in Amiens, Normandy. I will miss him, as will anyone who had the good fortune to follow his postings.

For those of you who don’t understand French, Janine’s announcement in English is:

I am very saddened to announce the passing of Michel.

Thank you for the interest and affection you have shown him with your messages and comments over the past few years…

You were important to him.

RIP Michel Fauquet

38 thoughts on “Sad news about Michel Fauquet….

    • Janine Fouquet is blessed with a large family of children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to help her physically and emotionally in her grief.

  1. I’m very sorry to hear this. I had seen him comment though I hadn’t interacted with his blog. My heart goes out to all his friends and family.

  2. Michel was indeed a beautiful soul, and a friend to so many of us. I will always remember his kindly spirit, love of nature and life in general. I am glad he was able to have his family around him for the holidays one last time. I will plant a tree for him here, and daffodils.

    • If you want to let Janine know your plan, I will email you their address. Given the place gardening has/had in the Fauquet family, I’m sure they would appreciate this gesture. I’m not sure if Janine speaks English, but translations on the Internet and their daughter married to the Englishman certainly does.

  3. The passing of a dear one, family or friend, is never an easy process for the ones who are still here. It is both a reminder that grief is an inescapable part of life and a reminder that it could be our turn at any time. While the later’s intensity is somewhat linked to one’s ego, the first is definitely one that is felt strongly and quite often very sadly. As such, please accept my condolences for this loss, Doug. Take care. Fanch

    • it was inevitable, yet sad just the same. His recent health hadn’t been too encouraging. I’m sad he will miss his garden and family.

  4. Quelle tristesse! J’admirais le bonheur qu’il a pris dans la nature et dans sa famille. Il va être très manqué par beaucoup de monde sur le planète. Bon voyage aux étoiles, Michel.

    • Bien noté, Deborah! J’ai ressenti la même chose à propos de sa joie dans la nature et la famille. Je pense qu’il était particulièrement triste de ne pas pouvoir s’impliquer dans le jardin cette année, mais heureux d’avoir sa famille à Amiens pour les vacances. Quel voyage il a eu dans sa vie!

      Well noted, Deborah! I felt the same about his joy in nature and family. I think he was especially sad he couldn’t get involved in the garden this year, but joyful to have family make it to Amiens for the holidays. What a journey he had in his life!

  5. He sounds like a beautiful soul, you were blessed to have had him share his life with you. His wife must miss him terribly

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