30Jul23: Cannula do, cannula don’t!

Andy senses it is meant for him….

Doug’s putting the cannula back on; Andy’s alert to it.


You have to be aware of the play potential everything has to a kitty!


After living with kitties since 2009, you’d expect me to be more alert to things like their sense of play and curiosity. Once I had to add wearing a **cannula for extra oxygen, I’ve had to make sure I don’t make it look exciting to Andy because he definitely will go for it if I don’t!

** https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannula#Nasal_cannulation_and_oral-nasal_cannulation



17 thoughts on “30Jul23: Cannula do, cannula don’t!

    • Andy is a quick study in matters of safety. I ran over some part of him once when I sail backwards while seated in my walker. I heard this terrible sound of pain and turned to see him run off to hide for a time while I anticipated a trip to the veterinarian when I could lure him out. Fortunately, the yelp was due to running over hair, a large clump of which was shortly pulled out when he panicked and ran off. That noted, he gives me wide berth when he sees me on the walker and moving!

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