31Aug23: Oh no! I knocked the lid off the Greenies!

Andy heard the Greenies tip over. There they were! A whole new tub of his favorite treat, all over the floor!

He rushed to the spill!

Doug was cleaning the mess up. Hadn’t Andy noticed Doug’d put a generous amount of Greenies on the lapboard so he didn’t interfere in the clean-up? (No!)

To make the lids secure, Doug taped them up. The lid was too loose on the big container, but not too loose on the small one he taped up anyway. Cleaning up the Greenies was a pain!

Andy was upset to find the Greenies spill being taken care of. Doug shooed him away many times during the clean-up.

But hey! There were Greenies galore on the lapboard! He nibbled a few and took a nap.


I got through the clean-up, but Andy wasn’t helpful. The amount of Greenies on the lapboard is much more than I usually put there because Andy often wastes anything not freshly put there. The excess I found after I taped the lids. Lazy I guess. It was easier to put them out for Andy. We’ll see if he eats the excess.




30Aug23: resistance is futile…

Andy feels it coming on.


“Must resist! I’ve important kitty bizzznezzzz!”


Resistance is futile, my kitty!


I like being retired because I can take a nap when it hits me. Today, for example, a short time after noon, I felt bone tired. I’ve learned to get into bed when this happens or I’ll fall asleep in a chair, then wake up stiff and sore a few hours later. Andy, on the other hand, finds his recliner naps just right!


29Aug23: another mug shot…

I noticed yesterday that my mug supply is seriously depleted. I’m death to mugs, breaking them regularly. Time to order some more! So, I ordered four more in this Andy design. I have to wait till a bit after Labor Day for the order. 


I located the source of this “poster” , John!

Oh my! Here’s Andy at eight-weeks-old, standing on the desk at the veterinarian clinic the day I picked him up to take home!

Andy had higher aspirations as a kitten of eight weeks! 

28Aug23: “No ‘mousies’… again!”

Andrew pulled me away from the front room on urgent kitty business.

He wanted to do a kitchen cabinet “mousie” check.

“No ‘mousies’, Doug!

Whew! What a relief, Andy!


27Aug23: in which Andy rejects “scritches”…

Oh boy! There’s Andy!

…but he’s too busy on kitty business to stop by for a “scritch”.


It’s a low energy day for me. The four-hour nap just left me more tired. 

On the 23rd, John noted he’d vote for Andy and I mentioned I’d already made his campaign poster, that’d I’d try to find it for him. It turned out to take no time at all, and here it is, John! (The WordPress edit feature isn’t working for any reason I can determine – sorry for the extraneous border it won’t let me edit off!)

The photo is what Andy looked like the first day I brought him home. As you can see, he took over immediately! “Seven years ago”” would have been 2011, maybe 2012.

25Aug23: mug shots…

Getting Andy’s mug shot can be problematic.

Mine’s a bit easier, though I have to remember to flip it because I see myself as a mirror image most times, not the way I really look.

Then there’s this one. An indictment, a deadline to appear to be arrested, $200,000 bail, hundreds of miles of flying on a luxury private jet, a huge motorcade, a dozen Secret Service guards, a quiet delivery to a side door at the jail, a bit of paperwork, measuring height and weight, then ~ snap ~ ~ snap ~!

It’s a good likeness. Use it to get the children to quiet down and go to bed. It’s already available on a t-shirt and a hundred years from now, it will be in all the ancient history books. Or maybe you want it on a coffee mug. (Get it? “coffee mug“~ Tee hee!~ !)

23Aug23: not for kitties, Andy thinks…

Andy likes to watch television with Doug.

Just not the news.

Time for a snooze till Doug watches something more interesting for kitties!


22Aug23: “…two days before they turned 8.”

Andy two days before they turned 8.

The late Dougy two days before they turned 8.


I saw a suggestion photo at the bottom of a post. It took me back four years ago, a year I had hospitalization for a ruptured pseudoaneurysm in my dialysis fistula and a hospital stay to create a new one on the opposite arm. For the fun of it, I scrolled through other posts around that time and came onto these two photos of the kitty brothers, Andy and Dougy.