Nano the cat – ?-August 4, 2023

The e-mail wasn’t unexpected because Lavinia kept me up to date on Nano’s condition. Still, the sad news from Oregon came today: Lavinia and Rick Ross report Nano’s fight for life reached a point where nothing could assure he had any quality of life. He was euthanized today after medical care no longer helped his failing body.

Lavinia wrote this last note:

Hi Doug,

Rick wrote a guest story for Katzenworld back in May based on his own recollections of Nano.  He doesn’t have the story quite right regarding the time Nano escaped early on and I was up most of the night trying to catch him and get him back inside, which I did about 4:30 AM that day.  Nano bit me hard, not scratched me.  I had to go to work that day, the hand swelled up and I took myself to the ER that evening.  I had to produce a valid rabies certificate, and I was on antibiotics for a good week if not 10 days. You can go ahead and use his story, though.  Close enough.  I’ve attached one of my favorite photos of him, taken through the window from outside the house.  Makes him look other-worldly, which he is indeed now…. Also another photo of Nano from 2015.  A bit on the dark side though as I was trying not to use the flash.

He had a good quality of life until late June, when he started going off his feed.  I took him in to the vet on June 30th for blood work and urinalysis.  The vet and I looked back over the last few years of testing, and it seemed like his kidneys finally hit a tipping point.  Prescription food, supplements and finally subcutaneous fluids were tried.  Too far gone, and his quality of life was not so good the last two weeks.  It was time to let him go, peacefully and quickly.  He is lying in state right now, and I will take care of burying him this evening.

Thanks again, Doug.  I know you understand what we have been through.


It’s never easy to say goodbye to a family pet. They are family. The Rosses took this kitty into their home when he showed up, then he entered their hearts. Hugs and condolences to Lavinia and Rick. Their memorial gardens gained one more soul this evening. 

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36 thoughts on “Nano the cat – ?-August 4, 2023

  1. I am so sad too. Dear Lavinia (one of my precious friends) and Her Lovely Cats, how long it has been I can’t remember but it has been such a long time for us. Her lovely Nano, will be always in my memories too. My Heart with you always dear Lavinia, and how nice, dear Doug, he is another precious friend of us, and he is always so nice. Hugs and Love, nia

  2. So sorry to read this sad and painful news about Nano. He was one of my favourite cats I followed and I will never forget him. You are in my thoughts, dear Lavinia.

      • It always crosses my mind too when a cat of a friend passes away; I love to think that Mr. Bowie is meeting a new friend up there… I’m thinking of you, my dear Lavinia.

  3. I’m so sorry, Lavinia. I know it’s so terribly hard to lose an animal friend. The photos of Nano are lovely. We send hugs and purrs and wishes for peace and comfort in good memories. And thank you to Doug for letting us know.

    • I feel it is the least I can do, Lavinia, since many people knew Nano through your blog and you’ve reduced the frequency because of the vicissitudes of work and life in general. The response by your blogosphere friends wasn’t a surprise. Nano was a favorite well beyond Oregon.

  4. Sorry to read about Nano’s passing. t is always sad when a beloved family member dies, and that certainly describes Nano.

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