Post 931: no tricks, no treats….

Halloween was uneventful here. No children stopped by, which is is good because I didn’t have any candy on hand to pass out.

Kids just don’t come around these apartments. Oddly, because this is a place with retired grandmas and grandpas. You’d expect some children to show up! 


Dougy: “See any spooks?”
Andy: “Nope.”

Oh well! Just another day at the old homestead. Nothing exciting happening here. Well, maybe breakfast. Yeah. Breakfast will be exciting.

32 thoughts on “Post 931: no tricks, no treats….

  1. We’re in the country, so we don’t get trick-or-treaters either. When I was growing up, we had a beautiful long-haired tuxedo, Tigger. On Halloween night, Tigger would sit at the back corner of the porch watching the kids. She didn’t move at all so they either didn’t notice her or didn’t think she was real.

        • True, true, true! There was a five week gap between the late Louie and the arrival of the Persian brothers, but Louie and the boys both approached or approach breakfast impatiently and the same way. The main difference between the cats is time they get me up. The brothers get me up a lot earlier than Louie did, but Louie was an older cat. He liked his sleep, too!

          • I totally understand, Carol! I think the atomic clock link probably is a fact, if all the cats I’ve had in my home over the years are any indication. Plus, you and others verify the phenomenon!

    • The irony of that is prior to WWII, Germany was a major exporter of Halloween decorations! For that matter, prior to WWII, Germany was the primary source of glass Christmas tree decorations, too, but that makes a bit more sense since the decoration of a Weihnachtsbaum is decidedly a German tradition adopted in England and the US in the 19th Century.

    • This seems to be a trend, eh?! Lots of us buying candy for the tricksters that don’t show up. That’s OK by me. It seems odd we tell children not to accept candy from strangers, then, once a year, send them out in the dark to beg for candy from strangers!

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