18Aug20: Andy cleans up for his photo shoot…

All this “pretty” doesn’t just happen…

…when Andy knows he’s up for a photo shoot! (Oops! we missed a little eye snot, Andy.)


Happy Birthday to my sister in Seattle! Happy Birthday, Kathy!

Andy’s message to my sister… >>>

gejopkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkewtgnqvp blm;km klkgf






17 thoughts on “18Aug20: Andy cleans up for his photo shoot…

    • She seems to be doing a good jo9b of avoiding the COVID-19, which is a trick living in Seattle, and I am doing the same here. While we don’t have too many cases on this end of the state, we are, as you know, at the end of Nebraska Highway 2 and the crossover place to US Highway 385. This time of year a lot of the Sturgis Rally traffic comes through here before and after the event. I do worry about all those unmasked bikers spreading joy on their way through Alliance.

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