Post 1290: …”fwumpy”

I’m out of steam today. This photo of Andy the first day I took him home kind of shows how I feel.



Or maybe this video covers it… (“Fwumpy”, not mad, however.)


59 thoughts on “Post 1290: …”fwumpy”

  1. Speaking of videos, I found a new trick. Just append ?rel=0 to the end of the YouTube URL and you don’t get the end screen that displays other videos to watch. Compare the original above to


    • Interesting! Though I personally have a problem with that since it often features one or two of my other videos that might interest readers, sometimes it features videos I don’t care to have pop up on my blog. I hope I remember the trick for future reference.


    • Ugh! Can’t live with these devil machines and can’t live without them! Of course, I read this after you got it to work elsewhere! I had problems getting it to display in edit when I did it yesterday using the [CTRL]=V process WordPress requires now.


  2. OK in the previous post all that came through was “format”. What I actually typed was “{YouTube=”URL”} format”, except that I used square brackets instead of squiggly braces. WordPress interpreted the “[blah blah blah]” as a YouTube video and stripped it out.


    • Yes, we all slept well last night, and got recharged! Thanks! That’s one of my favorites of Andy. He was such a sweet little kitty, and I get nostalgic when I see how little and adorable he was barely away from his mommy the first day in my home.


    • I got a good night’s sleep, so am much peppier today. Thanks! As fort Andy and the bath, that video makes me a bit nostalgic when I watch it. Andy was such a cutie! I think I always feel a bit protective of him to this day because he was sick then. Dougy was, too, but he was at the clinic being treated for it at the time they both were sickest, and I hadn’t yet been introduced to him. He was well along to good health when he was brought out to charm the pants off me and for me to commit to taking two kitties instead of just the one!


  3. What touching little cries of the little twink and your voice, amused but welcoming
    From your comment on my website, Doug, I could think you were a British. But what you say about your carriere undeceived me. You are indeed an American living perhaps in Texas! i
    In friendship


    • “Close but no cigar” as we say in America! I live north of Texas by two states (Oklahoma and Kansas) in Nebraska, Michel! We have similarities in that Nebraska is a major cattle-raising state and some cattle drives from Texas in the 19th Century came up to Nebraska. Beyond that, they speak with a different accent than Nebraskans. There is a similarity there, though, in that we both drop the consonent “g” off of words like “looking” and say ‘lookin'” (look-en”. The word oil sounds like “ohl: down there and “oyl” up here. There are other differences that mark us as Texans or Nebraskans, but we agree that beef tastes good and people in both states eat a lot of it.


    • Thank you on both counts! I am feeling much peppier today, having got a good night’s sleep. Andy must have slept well, too, because he’s managing to avoid his medicine with greater skill than usual. I shall catch him, though! LOL!

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      • Yes, I finally caught Andy and gave him his medicine! For some reason, your comment, when clicked on, pulls up someone else’s comment. I hope replying to the other comment here let’s you know I didn’t ignore you! I truly appreciate all comments people reading these blogs posts. It’s a fun and rewarding part of blogging!


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