Post 1575: waiting…is the game

Dougy’s ready for play but Andy is off somewhere. Dang it! Dougy’s ready to pounce his brother, begin the morning chases through the house, maybe play a little “nip butt” and “tug tail”, but Andy is nowhere to be seen. So Dougy must wait. Wait. Wait! 



21 thoughts on “Post 1575: waiting…is the game

  1. haha…morning exercises. So they “nip butt” too! I was horrified when I saw Shoko try this with Kali…..such an uncouth thing to do. I had never seen this in my 30 some years with cats. It seems to me that would hurt like the bejeebers. After watching for a bit….I don’t think I’ve ever seen Shoko make contact….it must be a threat then.


    • An earlier kitty, Louie the ginger cat, came back home one day with a nip on his butt that cost a bit of change for an antibiotic shot and a veterinarian’s fee. The kitty boys do it in play. It could be that there is so much fur for a Persian to get through to kitty butt, but they never hurt each other…much! If they start to get rough, I clap my hands, and that’s sufficient to break the spell. It’s a rare business at any rate because they basically get along well together!

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