18 thoughts on “08Oct23: playtime…

  1. i a;ways let my playful ones play bow hockey. That is where you buy up the already cheap pre-tied little bowS THAT STICK on Xmas presents and then use ’em thru out the years as cat toys. They play TOGETHER OR SEPARATELY but THE ENTERTAINMENT UNIT ALWAYS KEEPS THE BOW IN THE END

    • Every time! As much as Andy always has been a kitty treat fan, one treat dispensing gizmo I got for Andy and Dougy required kitty interaction to get the treat. Dougy just didn’t have the smarts to work out how to get the treat, though I showed both kitties the basics with the thought they’d “get it”. Andy, on the other hand, figured out that I’d do the work and he’d get the treat. Similarly, toys worked out the same way.

  2. LOL! Yeah! Andy’s current bed – when he’s not hogging the recliner – is a pile of dirty clothes by the washer-drier! In past, he’s used a newspaper or a magazine – and an envelope and a sheet of paper!

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