Post 1698: breakfast’s done…


Eating breakfast leaves the kitty boys exhausted, as you can imagine. Of course, there is the matter of a kitty bath after, but… jeez!  


Of course, you can only sleep away so much of your life before you do other important things!

Woo hoo! Andy watches Dougy cheat at wand toy! (He catches but doesn’t release….)


20 thoughts on “Post 1698: breakfast’s done…

    • LOL! Not only do they sleep on top of them, I leave the doors open so they can sleep inside them, too. The theory is the carrier is less threatening when I have to take them somewhere, even a place where they feel secure and unstressed. It works to a degree just like that!

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    • Exactly on all counts! Both kitty boys are good eaters. Of course, with Persians, you have to make sure food is in a form they can eat. Wet food needs to be in a loose slurry so they can lap it up. If it is in the form it was in the can, they have difficulty eating it because of the shape of their muzzles. People taking care of Andy and Dougy when I was sick didn’t realize that (and I wasn’t around to instruct them!). The assumed the kitty boys were wasting the wet food, so stopped feeding it to them. (They ate dry food only for two months)

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      • oh the poor boyz… I had to admit that I also had no clue about that, thanks for the info ;o) I’m a fan of persians and my eternal her is maurice from facebook, so in case he will visit uns once I know how I have to prepare his food ;O)))))


      • Maurice will thank you! I also zap their food for a few seconds if I prepared it from refrigerated food. I don’t know that it is necessary, though they do like it room temperature or close to that. (I don’t spoil Andy and Dougy, understand, I just follow their instructions…or else!)

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