Day 1379: My boyfriend, Michael

Ann Kaplow recently had heart valve replacement surgery in Rochester, Minnesota, at Mayo Clinic. Her incredible resilience and good humor are an inspiration to me. Before and after her surgery, her blog has been one of those upbeat “must see” blogs on my daily reading list. Take a gander, and if you agree she is an exceptional blogger, give her a follow! Also, while she heals from her recent surgery, send her hugs and prayers. She is something else!

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

My boyfriend, Michael, took over this daily blog three weeks ago when I underwent open heart surgery.

My boyfriend, Michael, DOUBLED my readership, temporarily, with the two posts he wrote on September 21 and September 22.

My boyfriend, Michael, made me laugh so hard  after I got my new heart valve at the Mayo Cliic in Minnesota on September 21, that it HURT.

My boyfriend, Michael, is already sick of telling certain stories about our trip to Minnesota, so I guess I should start telling them, here and now:

Story #1:

Immediately after my open heart surgery on September 21, I woke up eager to communicate, but  I had a breathing tube down my throat preventing me from talking, so Michael and the ICU nurse, Gene, got me a pad and paper.  Gene and Michael had trouble reading what I was writing, which frustrated me.  The first thing I…

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