andy the snoop

Today was a lazy day, not much happening. I took a nap. Andy and Dougy took a nap. That was the kind of day it was! Oh, and we ate a couple times or three. I brought out some toys and we played for a time. A new cat lounge arrived, as did one of two new deep dish litter boxes. Woohoo! Can you feel the excitement?

I pulled some vines off the stucco walls of my place, but don’t have the tools to do the job properly. When I moved to this community, I understood this sort of thing was taken care of by staff, which it was, when there was adequate staff to do the job! Let’s see. What else?

Oh, the neighbor lady came over to ask if she could borrow my hose, a 100 footer I brought with me from the house when I moved to this retirement community. She wanted to water the grass, something the timed sprinklers apparently haven’t been tasked to do, to save money and maintenance costs.

Snooping on the neighbor: that’s what Andy’s up to in the photo above. Dougy was snooping moments before I snapped the photo, but jumped down to get some love from me when I approached the door. I didn’t process a short video showing my boys snooping on my neighbor setting the sprinkler. I won’t load it here, it is so lame. Besides, it isn’t nice to snoop on the neighbors AND make videos of them.

But, that’s the kind of day it was, when a neighbor asking to borrow the hose to water the grass was the most exciting thing to happen all day. After snooping, I mean!

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