mumbling along

“Does anyone read this blog?” is a perennial question most bloggers ask themselves when they update their blogs. There must be hundreds of thousands of these odd snippets floating around in the ether, full of personal insights and commentary on everything under the sun. How do people connect with them?

I follow, irregularly, three very good blogs that have little in common other than the passion and technical skills of their creators. There have been others, also very good, by technically skilled, passionate creators, that I followed for a time, then stopped visiting. No reason. I just stopped stopping by.

I am not certain why these things happen, I just accept that my interests, the time involved to indulge in them, and Factors X, Y, and Z (the latter, unknown) keep me away. Out of sight, out of mind. Like my blog, which I see I last updated in March, which was a very busy four updates month.

If you adore and follow me, the long space between the last of March’s updates and this must have been sheer torture; if not, then join my billions of non-followers, blissfully unaware, possibly better people for it!

Incidentally, part of the reason I’ve been absent is I, as @phainopepla95 of dailybooth and phainopepla95 on YouTube, have been busy with other time-consuming web “stuff”, the videos below, for example.

(Without sound.)

(With sound.)

My brother is visiting from California. Yesterday, my cat Louie amused us with his quirky eating habits!

2 thoughts on “mumbling along

  1. Did you see the film “Julie and Julia”? This central issue of blogdom omes up. Thanks, too, for reminf=ding me of my encouragement to you! Ha! I still think you are older than you indicate!

    There, if I posted the URL correctly, the three people who read my blog can check your out to see if they think you are a “mere” teen!

  2. I think hundreds of bloggers ‘give up’ on their blogs, because they ask themselves that question : ‘does anyone read my blog’ and often they find the answer is no. However, I think people need to remember (and I realized this just recently, with your help!) that its not really the number of people who happen to stop by, its about what your saying to them. I would rather have just 3 people who regularly read my posts and get something valuable back from them, rather than hundreds who casually glance over the posts I spent hours writing.

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