Post 1426: Dougy’s awake now..!

I catch Dougy coming out of his lion’s lair. Uh oh! Dougy’s awake now…


…and he’s going to… 


~ OH NO! Don’t do it Dougy! ~


Aw! Dang cat! Scratching the furniture again!


Maybe he’ll be nice to Andy. Or not! Andy’s kitty sense tingles, his ears go back!


I think Andy suspects Dougy has a plan, a plan that involves A CHASE! Andy slips off the recliner and goes to his hidey hole. Good move Andy!


Very sneaky, Dougy!

Turns out all he wanted was a “skritch” while on his ottoman.


20 thoughts on “Post 1426: Dougy’s awake now..!

  1. I love the photo of Andy looking up at Dougy, Suspecting he has a plan! I see a lot of that around here too. With 9 cats, one of them always has a plan going. 🙂

    • Yes, they were! It is difficult to say whether they were a response to a bad or a good dream. Either way, the horns are indicative of, well, who knows!? Could be they meant he had a wonderful dream about chasing Andy and knocking him down (bad kitty) or of waking up and scratching on the sofa bed (bad kitty) or of reuniting with his dear, sweet mama (good kitty) or sleeping next to his dear sweet brother Andy and giving him a friendly tongue bath when he wakes up (good kitty). Whatever it was, it shows something’s brought his attention into focus.

    • That’s the root of my problem as an enabler! They are the first cats I raised from kittens, and I always seem to be one step behind their bad behavior. (Andy is a much better behaved kitty than Dougy, but he is named after the patron saint of Scotland, apostle to Christ St. Andrew. That’s a lot of “good baggage” for a petite kitty! Dougy’s named after me, so he has a lot of pent up naughtiness that, unlike me, he’s managed to play out! lol!)

  2. Cats at the Zoo always have an alternative motive it seems, which is usually just to roast the other. MOL (meow out loud) – Your friends at DogDazCats2

    • I clap my hands or rattle coins in a can. I haven’t tried spraying him with water, but, knowing Dougy, that wouldn’t stop him either! Your cat and Dougy must be soul brothers! LOL!

        • Dougy isn’t thrilled with water on him. Andy, on the other hand, likes to sit by the shower when I bathe! (He acts like acid got on him if a drop of water lands on him, though….)

    • Dougy has lots of scratching posts meant for kitty boys to use, but has been a furniture destroyer since kittenhood. I wonder if i should call Jackson Galaxy and get Dougy featured on “My Cat from Hell”? Of course, Jackson Galaxy would reveal to the world that I am the enabler, Dougy’s problem, that Dougy’s just an innocent kitty who never got proper guidance from me…. Hmm.

    • No, he needs to get better guidance from me, his enabler! There are ample scratching posts around the house, including right by the places where he ruins furniture. Andy uses them, Dougy doesn’t.

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