17 August: Black Cat Appreciation Day

DrNworb (also Doug) and his wife live in Vancouver, where they enjoy the company of their cats and regular foster families of cats found abandoned in that city. Aside from their good work providing a foster home till permanent homes are found for their cat families, they make charming, touching, amusing, great videos of their cats and cat charges, easily my favorite cat videos on YouTube!

Here’s the most recent video in their series, an in depth look at Panther, their black cat, and a reminder that the 17th of August is Black Cat Appreciation Day! Take a look:

In celebration of the day, here’s a link to other people involved in cat rescue, specifically black cats: https://www.facebook.com/blackcatrescue?hc_location=timeline

Technically, Andy and Dougy aren’t black cats, something that is readily obvious when they plop down and take a belly up snooze: The boys are greyish cats with black faces, ears, legs, tails, and… maybe I should think of them as black cats! Never mind. For this one day, they are honorary black cats. I’ll treat them like little princes. Oops! I already do! No celebration there. I’ll have to think about how to ramp it up a bit for the boys on this big day.


The Indonesian national flag.

The Indonesian national flag.

Today is Indonesian Independence Day, too. Though the Dutch regard a later day as the day of Indonesian Independence, 17 August 1945 is the date the Indonesians themselves celebrate. It all began with this short announcement from Sukarno, their first President:

Bung Karno (Brother or Comrade Karno) was Indonesia’s President from 1945 through 1967.

I used to write an Indonesian boy when I was a kid. We carried on a 35 year correspondence.

4 thoughts on “17 August: Black Cat Appreciation Day

  1. I was at a shelter for 6 months until Mom, Dad, and Jamie adopted me. Everybody in the shelter was surprised that I was there so long because of my coloration. They told us that usually black cats and dogs have the hardest time getting adopted – why? Because they don’t show up well in pictures. Isn’t that the silliest thing??? Humans can be so superficial. I’m glad you have your two cats. Woof! (wags tail furiously)

    • Anyone who tries to photograph black cats or dogs knows they rarely look as good as the critters! Andy and Dougy often do wonderful and amusing things, but in the darkest part of the apartment! There I am! I want to make videos of those special moments, but the video images are barely tolerable.

      They aren’t pure black. I don’t even think of the boys as black most of the time because their undercoat is a lovely shade of gray! Think of a Siamese cat’s coloration, only darkened up all over. That’s what the boys are.

      Their father was a lovely Birman cat. Their mother is a brownish tabbycat-marked Persian. I’m not quite sure how they came out blackish (I don’t know their full genetic heritage…), but they are lovely to see in person, and have delightful personalities except when they occasionally are naughty! Ha!

      They were given to me because they couldn’t be sold. Oddly enough, I found on the Internet where pet quality Persian cats like the boys (not suitable for breeding or showing) go for $500-$1000, so I’m not sure why they were free to me. Of course, they had some health issues at first, and I spent ca. $1400 before they were back to full health…!

      • It’s very good that you took them in. They obviously give you a lot of pleasure. And they are quite beautiful to look at! I think it is silly for people to pass up on a companion animal strictly due to its coloration or their perceived photography issues. People don’t realize what they’re missing out on!

      • Absolutely! I would have adopted one or two cats from the pound if the veterinarian technician with the mother of my two cats not had a need to find homes for irregular kittens at the exact time I lost Louie. They’ve turned out to be great fun, and I’m happy to share them on this blog and YouTube. I hope it encourages others to take a look at both Persians and black cats as worthy of adopting.

        (I note you do the same for your breed by being wonderful and a pretty doggy on top of it. I note Petey, the dog in “Our Gang” spent his time with children and was a beloved member of the cast! You’ll note he was the same breed as you!)

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