Post 899: pumpkins and black cats…

Summer yields overnight to the next season...

Summer yields overnight to the next season…

...a message for the Cat Brothers!

…a message for the Cat Brothers, from their veterinarian!

Andy gets into the spirit of the season!

Andy gets into the spirit of the season!

Best of all, my kitties will be safe inside on this holiday. That’s the best place for all kitties, especially black cats on Hallowe’en.

Post 576: sleeping in

How best to celebrate the return to standard time! We all slept in today.



Oops! I woke my sleepy boywith the flash. Sorry, Andy!

Oops! I woke my sleepy boy with the flash. Sorry, Andy!

Post 500: Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black Cat Appreciation Day is a “holiday” with a purpose: A black cat is five times less likely to be adopted than any other cat, which means they are euthanized more often than not for lack of people wanting to adopt them. This day is one way humane societies and pounds can change attitudes about black cats, possibly improve the chances a black cat will be adopted instead of put to death for lack of someone to take it home .

Black cats are wonderful creatures. They are elegant, sleek, beautiful, full of cattitude, suitable for the home. They are playful. They amuse. They are like all other cats, just black. I have two myself, and I hope by sharing my life stories with Andy and Dougy I have helped remove some of the bias against black cats from some people’s minds.

I’m not alone in my enthusiasm for black cats. Panther is one such special cat, and Doug and Sharon Brown’s tribute to this beloved pet follows in this video they recently posted:

If you are looking for a pound kitty, do take a look at those that are black. You won’t have bad luck. Nothing “magical” or “diabolical” will happen to you. They are just kittycats, bundles of energy and personality that will capture your heart…if you open it up to them. Andy and Dougy, this is your day!

Halloween safety for pets

DrNworb put out another excellent video on YouTube, this time on black cats and the difficulties they endure because of human ignorance.

I have two black cats, which you realize if you follow this blog. Andy and Dougy are best buddies and brothers to each other, but a good part of my joy, too. For that reason, I keep them inside. Their safety and longevity are more important than giving them “freedom” by turning them outside to exposure to parasites and disease, street accidents and stray dogs, wild animals and bad people. Protecting your pets from people who might harm them because they are black cats – or cats, period – can’t be emphasized too strongly during this season.

Halloween holds other hazards for pets, and it is even more vital to protect your pets, not just black cats, by making sure they don’t get into holiday candies or decorations that cats, especially, like to mouth and bat around. My cats like candy wrappings, something I have had to take these out of little mouths before one or the other cat swallowed. Things that make crinkly sounds are particularly attractive to cats. For their safety, keep attractive and dangerous items out of their reach.

If you typically have little visitors to your home on Halloween, you should help your pet deal with the stress of lots of strangers invading their space by putting them in a room where they have food, toys, whatever they need for comfort till the visits end. In my situation, Dougy is very curious about the outside. If he’s allowed to greet people at the door (and both cats like to greet people at the door), he invariably starts outside if the door is open very long. Either way – stress or curiosity – pet safety needs to be dealt with beforehand.

17 August: Black Cat Appreciation Day

DrNworb (also Doug) and his wife live in Vancouver, where they enjoy the company of their cats and regular foster families of cats found abandoned in that city. Aside from their good work providing a foster home till permanent homes are found for their cat families, they make charming, touching, amusing, great videos of their cats and cat charges, easily my favorite cat videos on YouTube!

Here’s the most recent video in their series, an in depth look at Panther, their black cat, and a reminder that the 17th of August is Black Cat Appreciation Day! Take a look:

In celebration of the day, here’s a link to other people involved in cat rescue, specifically black cats:

Technically, Andy and Dougy aren’t black cats, something that is readily obvious when they plop down and take a belly up snooze: The boys are greyish cats with black faces, ears, legs, tails, and… maybe I should think of them as black cats! Never mind. For this one day, they are honorary black cats. I’ll treat them like little princes. Oops! I already do! No celebration there. I’ll have to think about how to ramp it up a bit for the boys on this big day.


The Indonesian national flag.

The Indonesian national flag.

Today is Indonesian Independence Day, too. Though the Dutch regard a later day as the day of Indonesian Independence, 17 August 1945 is the date the Indonesians themselves celebrate. It all began with this short announcement from Sukarno, their first President:

Bung Karno (Brother or Comrade Karno) was Indonesia’s President from 1945 through 1967.

I used to write an Indonesian boy when I was a kid. We carried on a 35 year correspondence.