Post 535: odd priorities

When I took Andy and Dougy in for their appointment at the groomers the 9th, Vic, the woman who cuts my hair, arrived at the same time I did. Her Yorkie had an appointment that morning, too.

We showed off our pets to each other, and I noted I took Andy and Dougy in for grooming every other month, the irony of which wasn’t lost on Vic: If she sees me once ever six months for an appointment, it’s a small miracle. In case she didn’t catch the irony (which of course she had!), I mentioned this odd priority that guides me to Murphy’s Grooming Salon for the boys, but not hers for my haircut.

“Yes, I ought to make an appointment,” I said, and she agreed we needed to do something about that Zeke the Trapper aura I projected with my wild hair.

...because tomorrow the bogeyman's catching you and taking you to see Dr. David!

Sometimes these accidental snapshots offer a clue to my appearance, which, honestly, I seem oblivious to when I look at myself in a mirror.

Appointment made, I got the bush cut short yesterday. Why I wait so long I don’t know. My hair always feels good (oddly) after a haircut by a good hairdresser, which Vic definitely is. I let her decide how to cut it, how short, then leave a nice tip because she always gives me more than my money’s worth. Besides, by now, after all these years, I count her as a friend.

I pointed out all the Sasquatch sightings in the Nebraska Panhandle would slow down again now that she trimmed me up and made me as pretty as I can be made. It’s an on-going joke, though the Sasquatch sightings in Western Nebraska always do slow down after I get a haircut. Go figure.

Another aspect of my odd priority popped up in conversation. I spend $100 every other month on the boys’ grooming plus a nice tip since I am very pleased with their groomers and their consistently great job trimming up the boys in the now standard teddy bear cut. I spend $30 every six months (or so) on my own grooming, which includes the cost of cutting my hair plus a nice tip. That is to say, I spend $600 a year getting haircuts for cats, but exactly one-tenth that, $60, on my own haircuts!

An odd priority.

Picture 317

Now I should do something about that patriarch beard!

6 thoughts on “Post 535: odd priorities

  1. I always spend more on my dogs than on myself. I gather it is the same way with parents of children. When we love something or are passionate about it then we allocate our resources toward it.

    As for your whiskers, they remind me of Grizzly Adams. Do you remember that show. It used to be one of my favorites. With winter quickly approaching you may consider keeping them!

    • Yeah, but when it becomes more difficult to tell which is the grizzly and which is Grizzly, that’s a good sign for change! I used to like it, too, since it involved the bear, of course.

      I think you are right about spending more on others and ones’s pets than oneself. I look like a transient with all of my shirts made holey by cats wanting nothing to do with being held and being “wuvved”! Ha! The boys aren’t big fans of being held at their age (three years old) now, though they become more and more tolerant of being held for a bit longer the older they get. By the time they are elderly cats, I suspect I’ll have two cats perched on me all the time. Andy lets me hold him the longest, thanks to our daily medication ritual, which ends with a shoulder massage, ear scratching, face rubs, and kitty treats.

  2. “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self (and growing a magnificent beard).” ― Ernest Hemingway


    – sonmicloud.

    • Depending on one’s age and point of view, I look like Santa, a patriarch, Zeke the Trapper, a right-wing duck call manufacturer…! I think I should cut it back to a manageable length for the comfort of those paranoid about the intent of any of the persona I project!

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