05Sep20: RAWR! Andy loves this one!

Neko toys always caught the attention of the kitty boys. Andy continues to find them irresistible, even this poor broken-handled one. Hopping into the air to catch the lure, he quickly exhausts himself and settles for catching when I drag it across the floor. Since he likes to ambush “critters” hiding under and near cover, I get good kitty response dragging it along the edge of a blanket or magazine on the floor. RAWR!

(This is an unpaid comment of the efficacy of one particular brand of cat toy. Andy is attracted to plastic straws, paper towel tubes, and medicine bottle caps with equal enthusiasm!)

11 thoughts on “05Sep20: RAWR! Andy loves this one!

    • Andy still love, love, loves that string wand toy best of all. You may remember he and Dougy played a chase game that Andy invented – I’m sure, since he initiated it always – and it involved the string part of a broken wand toy.

    • Usually it is me who tires out first! LOL! You are welcome, Michel. I appreciate the effort people put into their blogs, and feel my comments should be at least as thoughtful.

  1. The new craze for young Emmy is multi colored ‘springs’ ($1.50 / doz from chewy) bouncing them around the house for hours It wears Washe kat 😸 and me out watching her, what a hoot 😉

    • Isn’t it amazing how easily they can be entertained? I’ve wonder if Andy would like those. Next chewy order, I’ll have to check them out.

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