Post 310: Spring is near!

Many people use their first sighting of an American robin as their first sign of spring.

Truth be out, in Nebraska at least, the last reported sighting of the American robin is as late as December 31st, and the first recorded sighting is as early as January 1st: They come and go as circumstances and food availability allow, so might be here any time of the year.

No robins yet this year, though. At least I haven’t seen any. There’s snow on the ground and it is 39 degrees F (4 degrees C) here at 9:45 AM, a not-so-springlike day.

Yet there are hints about! Yesterday, I noticed one of my potted window plants – the one I always forget to water till it sheds most of its leaves – was somehow different:

window bloom 3

As far as my neglected window plant is concerned, spring has sprung! Woo hoo!

[For purposes of full disclosure, I note this cluster of flowers is about the size of the tip of my little finger, though still cheery!]

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