Post 311: Andy on the hunt

We had some excitement this morning….

Yes, Andy saw a spider in the shadows, and he’s now on the hunt! Good boy!

Perhaps he’ll let me get a decent “after” shot in better light so we all can enjoy his hunter’s prowess. So far all I can report is he saw the spider, he patty-caked it with his left paw, the spider took to the hills on wobbly legs, and Andy followed closely behind.

8 thoughts on “Post 311: Andy on the hunt

    • You know Spongebob! The eternal optimist. He was excited for Andy to catch the spider. I personally think the spider got away this time because I didn’t see Andy eating anything or find any body on the floor where Andy was in pursuit of his prey.

  1. Yay for excitement! You go, Andy, The Hunter!!! Yay!
    I need Andy to visit my house in the Spring when the spiders appear. Cooper doesn’t seem to care about spiders, but he likes chasing flies and lizards. 😀
    Ha! when I saw your title and the photo…I thought Andy was hunting for SpongeBob! 😉 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • I’m glad my boys like to spider hunt. I try not to harm them, but I also don’t like them inside the house. My cats take care of the problem for me! They also like to chase that occasional miller that gets in the house. Good boys!

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