Post 338: Hooray! The Gully Gang comes to the blogosphere!

I got a pleasant surprise in my g-mail today, a message from the leader of the Gully Gang! She and the critters – Hobo the Dog, a whole houseful of cats, and the newest member of the Gully Gang, Bob the Albino Cockatiel – will soon appear regularly in their own blog. More fantastically, though, they appear already in over 1000 videos posted on YouTube!

Take your pick: for this new blog, which I feel will turn out to be a lot of fun for lovers of animals.

Or, for a video introduction to the critters that make up the Gully Gang, check out some of their videos at:

Here’s one of Bob the albino cockatiel, the newest member of the Gully Gang:

If you like my stories about Andy and Dougy, the videos and photos, you are exactly the sort of person who should peek at -and follow! – the Gully Gang and their adventures.

2 thoughts on “Post 338: Hooray! The Gully Gang comes to the blogosphere!

  1. What a wonderfully warm welcome from Doug and the Boys ,Dougy and Andy ! Thanks so much from the technically challenged leader of The Gully Gang ! I do hope that once I catch on to everything new in the Blog world, that I will give you hours of fun reading and I look forward to meeting many more of our fellow bloggers . You are an inspiration my dear friends .

    • I have no doubt you will! I’ve enjoyed your videos for a long time, and your blog has all of the fun and interest of those videos! People can enjoy the videos or blog separately, but, until you get the blog going full time on whatever schedule works for you, the videos are a great introduction to what to expect from the Gully Gang!

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