Post 1925: transition…


Ms. Zulu met Andy and Dougy via Skype, the start of the interview process.

The other day, I read sad news about Ms. Zulu. Her human, Anarette, wrote:

“Today’s post is one we hoped we wouldn’t have to write for a while. With a heavy heart, I am writing that Ms. Zulu passed away on December 3.  She was 13 years and 3 months old. It was all very sudden as a very aggressive and inoperable cancerous tumor showed up on her doorstep. It rained two solid days until she died. Then, just moments before it was time to walk over the rainbow bridge, the sun broke through the clouds and a beautiful rainbow appeared.”


For the full post, featuring more photos of this beautiful dog:


Ms. Zulu is one of two dogs featured in these “interviews” with Andy and Dougy:


I send hugs and condolences to my friend Anarette. It is significant, too, that Benji, her other dog, was best buddies with his big “sister”, Ms. Zulu, and will miss her greatly. It was a treat doing the “interviews” featuring our cats and dogs, and Ms. Zulu took a piece of my heart in the process. She will be missed up here in Western Nebraska no less than in Florida where she spent her life.

Post 1387: old buddies write…


What a wonderful post card! Ms. Zulu (on the left) and Benji are well known to Andy and Dougy because the four did interviews with each other, and found that dogs are nice and so are cats! They became friends and are now old buddies. (Check out these interview links if you’ve not read them.) If only people came together the way these four did….


It did indeed put a smile on our mugs! Don’t the “woofies” look like they are enjoying a great time in the Pine Cone Forest? You know they are! 

Post 974: another snowy day…

It’s another snowy day here. I wrote my brother. I printed out the Benji the pup interviews fort him because, well, my brother loves critters, too, and I think he’ll get a charge out of the story of Benji. 

Dougy snooped over my shoulder. “No, really, I’m looking out the window at the snow,” he protested. “The snow’s in the other direction, kitty.” “Meow…!” Some things never change. 

I didn't notice that until I uploaded the file on my computer. I got your number, buster!

I didn’t notice THAT until I uploaded the file on my computer.
I got your number, buster!

Post 689: snip it…!

Andy and Dougy got an early Christmas present when they were about five and a half months old: A trip to the veterinarian to be neutered.

Andy taking care of business...!

Andy taking care of business…!

So, I left the boys at the veterinarian’s, and picked them up a bit later.

When I opened the carrier at home, I expected the boys to wobble out, wounded and stitched and wearing little Elizabethan collars. Instead, they bounded out, no collars or stitches, happy to be home and free. They ran all over the house, chasing each other, then taking well-deserved naps.

For the boys, neutering wasn’t a difficult time, and they showed no signs of discomfort.

Would I do this again? Of course. I believe in neutering or spaying one’s pets. It’s the humane thing to do, the smart thing to do.

Post 657: unintended consequences…

The enthusiastic response to the Ms. Zulu/Andy and Dougy interviews...

The enthusiastic response to the Ms. Zulu/Andy and Dougy interviews…

...others in the househod to try their hand at bloggery!

…encouraged others in the household to try their hand at bloggery!

Note: Thursday Ms. Zulu answers Andy and Dougy’s tough questions…!

Tomorrow, the second part of the pet interviews comes out on Anarette’s blog and as a reblog here. This time, it will be Andy and Dougy asking Ms. Zulu about being a dog. 

The boys know a dog when they see one because they’ve seen them at the veterinarian’s and at the groomer’s. They don’t know much more about them than what they look and smell like, though, and how they have slobbery tongues.

skype Zulu

(“Wow! I could take a bath in seconds with that tongue!” I overheard Dougy say to Andy once at the groomer’s when a very friendly dog stopped by their carrier to sniff. The boys are pedigreed cats so they appreciate excellence no matter how it manifests itself!)

The first interview by Ms. Zulu of Andy and Dougy was a big hit with their fans. I predict the second part will be a big hit, too, because  Ms. Zulu is as interesting as she is beautiful. 

Post 650: Ms. Zulu calling…!

Andy and Dougy don’t get too many calls, but they heard from Ms. Zulu yesterday.

Ms. Zulu proposed that the boys and she exchange questions by Skype. You know, dog questions about cats, and cat questions about dogs: inquiring minds want to know!

Ms. Zulu

Ms. Zulu at sea!

Andy and Dougy were amenable, and both the boys and Ms. Zulu set about having their humans writing down questions they had about the other. Sometime in the next few days, their questions and answers with appear here and in the blog posted by Ms. Zulu’s human, Anarette.

Don’t worry. We’ll set up links between our two blogs so you can see both sets of questions and answers so long as you follow one or the other of our blogs. (One hopes you’ll follow both of us, of course!) 

We’ve seen the preliminary questions, and we think you will enjoy the answers. Both Ms. Zulu and the boys are very specific and (I confess for the boys) a bit biased, but the answers surely will be handled with grace and good manners. Really! 

Post 615: ghost dogs

A family without pets is a sad family. A family with pets eventually learns sadness. That’s the way it is.

Two little dogs joined my family when it was just my mother, father, and Marijean. I don’t think anyone else in the family knew these dogs except by their rare photos and sad, short stories.

Jock MacTavish and Marijean

Jock MacTavish and Marijean.

Jock was a Scottish terrier, as you can see, a breed popular in the 1930s when Franklin Roosevelt famously had Fala. My mother, always proud of her 100% Scottish heritage — she was the only child of two Scottish immigrants — gravitated naturally toward this breed, and she talked my father into getting one. It probably was their major expense of the year.

Jock was like all terriers. High energy, playful, needed lots and lots of play time. His favorite thing was to play in the snow, something he did one day till he had a total collapse, and died.


Topsy and Marijean

Topsy and Marijean.

I think this is the sweetest photo of my sister! The little guy is Topsy, I think. I wasn’t coming around for at least eight more years, so this is just another ghost dog to me. I’m not sure I got  its name right.


Topsy in Gram’s living room, all dressed up.

Topsy also lived a short life. As I understand it, he (or she?) died of distemper. There would be no more pets till my grandmother got Laddie in 1948.


Technically, Laddie wasn’t “our” dog, but Gram had no problem sharing him with us, as if any dog could be kept away from four young children!

Laddie didn't have to protect me from my brother and sister. At least that's their story and they stick by it!

Laddie didn’t have to protect me from my brother and sister. At least that’s their story and they stick by it!

Laddie took it on himself to be my personal body guard,  letting no one get close to me except family until given the permission to let them by. Laddie used to eat at Gram’s, run up to our house and spend part of the day in hopes of someone spilling milk or dropping him a tasty treat off the table. He was a good boy, and he lived to old age.



Post 338: Hooray! The Gully Gang comes to the blogosphere!

I got a pleasant surprise in my g-mail today, a message from the leader of the Gully Gang! She and the critters – Hobo the Dog, a whole houseful of cats, and the newest member of the Gully Gang, Bob the Albino Cockatiel – will soon appear regularly in their own blog. More fantastically, though, they appear already in over 1000 videos posted on YouTube!

Take your pick: for this new blog, which I feel will turn out to be a lot of fun for lovers of animals.

Or, for a video introduction to the critters that make up the Gully Gang, check out some of their videos at:

Here’s one of Bob the albino cockatiel, the newest member of the Gully Gang:

If you like my stories about Andy and Dougy, the videos and photos, you are exactly the sort of person who should peek at -and follow! – the Gully Gang and their adventures.