Post 2103: Andy sees something he missed before…

Andy sees something he hadn’t noticed about Dougy’s ottoman.

Curious…there on the corner of Dougy’s ottoman…what is it? The ottoman’s off limits to Andy but Dougy’s asleep in the guest bedroom. Time for a snoop!

So snoop he does!

Andy is transfixed in amazement. Dougy’s really marked this ottoman as his – scratch-scratch-scratch!

(Andy didn’t grow a third eye for this photo!) Aghast, Andy quickly backs off from the “sacred” ottoman for a moment, then has an inspiration! He decides to mess with his brother. He hops on the ottoman and walks all over it. That’s what brothers are for. After all, take the “r” out of “brother” and you have “bother”! Ha! Later, Dougy does have a snit when he smells Andy’s scent all over his ottoman!

12 thoughts on “Post 2103: Andy sees something he missed before…

    • Yeah, and are close relatives like the kitty boys. Brotherly tolerance is more like it, not brotherly love! LOL! They get along well as long as little territorial issues are resloved.

    • It is interesting behavior, and a source of contention over priorities on certain furniture and features around the house.

  1. The Basset Hound at my house gets her doggy stink and furrs all over everything. Sometimes she gets drooly bits on things, too. Can I trade her for Andy? Tee hee hee.

    • Exactly! Dougy got Andy’s message in an instant. He then scratched angrily on the ottoman to rid it of Andy’s cooties!

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