Post 422: There’s one like it in Egypt.


Andy does his impression of a famous landmark

Andy does his impression of a famous landmark


Where I found one of these photos…

9 thoughts on “Post 422: There’s one like it in Egypt.

    • I was amazed how closely Andy’s body matched the Sphinx’s in proportions and attitude! I instantly thought of Egypt when I saw him stretched that way that day, and only then had to find a photo where the left side of the statue was facing the camera instead of the more typical right side. He’s been insufferable ever since. (He knows he was worshiped in another lifetime, as does his brother Dougy. Ha!)

        • No caviar for Andy — he has a heart murmur and high blood pressure (seriously…!) and Dougy is a little bit toward the “will get fat in old age if he doesn’t watch his diet” side, so I try to watch what he gets to eat, too — but the boys do like the water off of tuna, salmon treats, and other specialties like home-grown grass (of the lawn variety…) and catnip, which I have in a window.

  1. This is not surprising, given that the Egyptians used to revere cats – some of that regal attitude must have been handed down to Andy! 😉

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