25Jun21: someone has a birthday coming…

Andy’s birthday’s next Thursday. Ten years old. Gad! A lot’s happened in that ten years, many have passed, including Andy’s brother a year ago next July 15th. In that time, those ten years, many happy things happened, too. In this video, my late brother Dick played with Andy and Dougy. As you can see in the video, they love, love, loved it when Dick came for his annual visit. He was lots of fun for kitties!

Dougy was an enthusiastic box kitty. When it came to boxes, “share” was not in Dougy’s vocabulary!

Summer always brought the fun of watching the birds from the back door. Sure, they could watch birds all year ’round, but this had the added thrill of sound! Andy and Dougy would spend hours at the back door, especially early in the morning when the birds are most active!


16 thoughts on “25Jun21: someone has a birthday coming…

  1. Mom and I love watching your videos. I think she needs to move our bird bath closer to the window like yours, so I can see the birdies up close when they visit it. Tummy tickles.

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