7 thoughts on “Post 417: Memorial Day 2014

  1. Thanks! The boys appreciated the attention, too.

    Though I am a veteran, I am not a big fan of over-the-top patriotism. I wanted to make a simple statement most Americans (anyway!) would understand without lots of flags, bald eagles, and service people in uniform. I personally find the way we “celebrate” this holiday, greet each other with a “have a happy Memorial Day, and have Memorial Day sales off-putting.

    Starting at the first of your posts and working back to where I started following you was my Memorial Day meditation. I also went over to Pierre Legace’s posts (14 blogs!) for more posts on the war on the other end of the world. I can’t thank either of you enough for your dedication to putting together the stories of the people who saved the world from the terror of Fascism….

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