Post 435: their favorite things

Andy loves to knock this wastepaper basket over. He does it right in front of me!

Andy loves to knock this wastepaper basket over. He does it right in front of me!

Andy is a rascal when it comes to trash. I have to hide candy wrappers (the cellophane kind in particular) and bread ties because they look like $2000 emergency cat surgeries to me. Andy will chew on them, and I did have to pull one out of his mouth one time that he looked like he wanted to finish with a swallow.

He makes me laugh!

He makes me laugh!

Looks uncomfortable to me, but Dougy manages to squeeze a round kitty into a rectangular tub. Cats!

Lounging...! Wait! This is someone else's cat!

Lounging…! Wait! This is someone else’s cat!

4 thoughts on “Post 435: their favorite things

  1. we have the trash container locked under the kitchen sink to keep Ali out. We have had several expensive vet bills due to little miss shop not being able to control her excitement at finding what she thought might be something wonderful to chew and swallow from the trash.
    Love that photo of Dougy squeezed into the round rectangular tub-adorable face.
    You and the boys have a good week end.

    • There is trash containers under the sink and other places where needed. I suspect Andy would learn how to crack combination locks if I used them, the little rascal is so persistent and clever…! Short of that, I consciously place the little things that excite them into a feeding frenzy into containers that have caps (milk containers, for example) or can be shut tightly against mouths that can’t discern food from things that make kitties very sick. It’s a constant battle, eh!?

      Anyway, I also love Dougy in his salmon-colored tub pose. He always looks so “in charge” and pleased to be there. Looks uncomfortable, but it’s his favorite place, even before any of the circular tubs I got got both boys, but that Dougy tries to hog.

  2. My last cats were the same way. I’d have to race them to any stray piece of cellophane. I’m not sure they wanted to eat it. I think they prized it so much because they saw how eager I was to get it away from them. The kittens haven’t discovered cellophane yet. At 3 months, they aren’t on my kitchen counters yet. That’s a day I’m not looking forward to.

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