Post 443: Andy makes an entrance

Andy and Dougy get along most times, but there are times they fight for the best spot by the door for bird watching: the little red chair! Not today, however. On top of it, when Dougy took a rest on Andy’s cat lounger, Andy didn’t shoo him off.

What is Andy’s game today? Dougy is confused!

8 thoughts on “Post 443: Andy makes an entrance

  1. Hard to say what Andy’s point was. At first I thought he just wanted to sniff the outside air by bending over the bowl, but maybe he was just waiting to see if Dougie would learn to get off on his own?

    • Dougy and I are confused. As best I can tell, Andy just wanted to let Dougy know he, Andy, might want to sit on the chair. Dougy decided to give in without a fight. On the other hand, he chose the highly-contended cat lounger by the door to “give up” on: That’s Andy’s personal; favorite place. A lot of cat mind games going on here!

    • Thanks! Andy acted very curiously today. After subtly shooing Dougy from the favorite (of both boys) red chair, he left Dougy alone when he moved over to the cat lounger, something Andy regards as his personal throne!

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