Post 1408: on a slow day…



While Andy doesn’t like to be brushed, Dougy responds to nothing more than the brush on his ottoman. He hops up there to get a good brushing! Dougy love, love, loves being brushed!


Sometimes rendering a photo in black and white enhances it. On a sunny day, Andy (on the walker) and Dougy enjoy the open door, with its fresh breeze and the possibility of spotting birds in the fir, apple trees, or the bird bath.

Of course, when I try to take their photo doing these things, they become alert to my presence, turn around, and watch me. “What’s he up to? Getting ready to give us kitty treats?” Could be. Or maybe I just need something for the blog.    



24 thoughts on “Post 1408: on a slow day…

  1. Shoko talks to the birds on the lawn. Kali could care less..Talk about different likes and dislikes… Kali loves to be brushed and purrs like a Ferrari. Shoko hates to be brushed and we have an argument each time I bring out the brush. She usually wins and walks away with her head held high.


  2. All our cats except Willow like to be brushed. I can brush her teeth (the few that are left) easily, but getting her fur brushed is a difficult task! 🙂 Andy on the walker brings back memories of when Rick’s mother was here. The cats would often sit on her walker during meals and talk to her.


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